Pilates Equipment Reviews

Discover the best in Pilates equipment with Pilates Digest. We explore the top manufacturers and all the latest products, from reformers and cadillacs to chairs, balls, rollers and magic circles.

Best Pilates Reformers for 2022

Pilates in the U.S. is nearly 100 years old. This form of low-impact exercise has entered the fitness mainstream, and while Pilates’ popularity wanes and grows, it isn’t likely going anywhere. This style of exercise helps strengthen the core and improve posture, flexibility, and balance. See the best Pilates Reformers for 2022.

Best Pilates Chairs

With a century-old history in the USA, Pilates seems to be a perfect and versatile workout game changer. But you don’t have to find a studio or gym for classes anymore. With so many streaming or virtual pilates classes available, all you need is a good pilates chair. See the best Pilates Chairs for 2022.

Pilates Back Posture Correctors

Using the posture corrector can help restore your spine’s natural curve, alleviate back pain and improve your balance. In addition, it can aid you in stretching the muscles of the back to increase flexibility and provide a structure on which to perform specific strengthening exercises for core strength and overall fitness. It can also be used as a tool in yoga practice, rehabilitation and personal training. See the best Pilates Posture Correctors for 2022.