Best Yoga Pants

You don’t have to be a die hard yoga fan to want a pair of pants that makes life that little bit more comfortable. You just have to be willing to find the right pair for you.

Make sure you choose a pair that fits your lifestyle well, whether it’s for your next relaxation retreat or a vacation that includes a long-haul flight.

This could mean choosing a high-waisted pair over a low-waisted pair, or a bell-bottom pair over a slim-fit pair.

Whatever you’re doing in life, your yoga pants should work for you. From pilates to running errands, your yoga pants should have you feeling comfortable, smooth and trendy.

Not sure where to start? Tired of rummaging the racks at the store or scrolling for pages online looking for the perfect pair. We’ve got you covered.

This guide has the best yoga pants on the market, all in one place. Keep reading to find the perfect pair of yoga pants for you!

1. LuluLemon Align Hi-Rise Pant 25” 

Lululemon quickly established itself as a household name. The LululemonAlign 25″ yoga pants have been around for a long time and have been the gold standard for all other leggings.

Let’s just say, to put it mildly, the bar is set quite high.

As the rise of low-impact workouts become the new way to workout, people are wanting more from their leggings. More stretch, more durability, more options.

The LuluLemon Align Hi-Rise pants are made for those who need more than just a pilates or yoga class out of their yoga pants.

They are super soft to the touch, lightweight and all around comfortable.

With a higher price tag than other yoga pants, it can be seen as an investment. You’ll soon be wearing them everywhere!

Brunch with the girls, grocery shopping on a Sunday or to pick up the kids from practice! They’ll quickly be put on that all important Christmas wishlist.


  • Nulu Fabric. The Nulu fabric is one of the softest fabrics on the market. Making these leggings perfect for those days of lounging.
  • Quick Drying. Whether from the washer or from that sweaty hot yoga workout, you can expect these pants to dry in record time.
  • Hi-Rise. These pants are made to pull up to just above the belly button. Giving you sculpting whilst remaining comfortable and secure.
  • Lycra. Added Lycra fiber to help the leggings keep their shape.


  • Length. If you’re under the average 5ft 4 you may find the leggings coming below your ankle.
  • Pill. Washing these leggings can cause the material to pill. Best to wash every 2-3 uses rather than after every use.

You can see these yoga pants here

2. 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex

Tired of finding the perfect pair of yoga pants then seeing the ridiculously high price tag?

Reflex Power Flex pants come with those amazing features offered by competitors without the hefty price tag.

This isn’t to argue that a low price tag automatically equates to poor quality. Reflex Power Flex pants, on the other hand, are the polar opposite.

Apart from being affordable to the majority, they are made of durable fabrics that allow for easy movement while also appearing good on everyone of all sizes and shapes.

The 90 Degree range is made of 13% Spandex giving you that sculpting, secure feel whilst the Nylon provides that stretch to get you through those yoga workouts.

Along with their highly inclusive size range, there is a 90 Degree pant for everyone. Practicing your downward dog into child pose has never been comfier or easier!


  • 4-way Stretching. These leggings stretch crosswise and longwise, giving you the freedom to stretch out those achy knots and muscles.
  • Nylon & Spandex. Reflex Power Flex have combined these fabrics to give the best fit and elasticity money can buy.
  • Affordable. You get top range products for a more budget friendly price tag.


  • Durability. These leggings may need to be replaced more often than other brands. 
  • Length. Running longer in length you may need to get them altered or roll them up to make them more suitable.

You can see these yoga pants here

3. Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush

Trendy sportswear doesn’t automatically mean shoddy workmanship or unsuitable wear. It occasionally lives up to the hype, which is why it quickly becomes everyone’s go-to.

The Alo Yoga High Waist Airbrush leggings are an example of this. They are well-made, comfy, and flattering.

These durable leggings are made for those adrenaline pumping spin classes or your Sunday morning hike.

Costing more than your average fast-fashion brand, Alo Yoga has created something more than yoga pants.

The compression element of these pants helps support blood flow no matter the activity.

And don’t forget the 5” waistband that ensures you aren’t left with those pesky red marks after a long day of wearing them.

This combination allows you to move freely without having to constantly adjust your leggings or feeling a midline squeeze throughout practice.

The Airbrush looks wonderful on everyone because it highlights all of the right areas, and it comes in a number of sheens and hues, from high-gloss to matte and subdued tones.


  • Breathability. Ideal for outdoor hikes or indoor spin classes, the Airbrush leggings keeps you cool throughout most workouts.
  • Flat Lock Seam. Prevents irritation throughout the day and adds to the seamless look of the leggings.
  • 5” Waistband. With no elastic to dig into your skin, you’ll be comfortable everytime you pull them on.


  • Moisture. Lighter colors of the range will show any sweaty areas. Darker colors will conceal those areas more easily.
  • Price. With a more expensive price range, these leggings may not be within everyone’s budget.

You can check these yoga pants here

4. Ododos Out Pocket High Waist

If you’re new to yoga, the prices of yoga clothing may frighten you. A pair of yoga trousers for $100 and a long-sleeve yoga top for $50 doesn’t sound tempting.

When you factor in the expense of yoga equipment, the total might be so intimidating that you may be hesitant to even begin. This, however, does not have to be the case.

Ododos Out Pocket High Waist Leggins take that fear away. Durable, easy to style and of course budget friendly these leggings are exquisite for newbies to the world of yoga pants.

Don’t forget one of the best features yoga pants can have, two side pockets for storing your phone, keys or cards.

Whether you’re working out or running errands around town, you’ll always be on trend with the Ododos Out Pocket leggings.


  • Size range. From XS-3XL there is a pair of Ododos for everyone.
  • Comfortability. The mix of an elastic fastening and a high waistband makes these leggings comfortable for all day wear.
  • Opaque. Thick fabric of the yoga pants makes stretching without the worry of becoming see-through super easy.


  • Durability. With improper care you may be replacing your Ododo’s leggings faster than you think. However, with proper care they can last you for many yoga classes to come.

You can check these yoga pants here

 5. Custer’s Night Out

When it’s as hot outdoors as it is inside, not everyone enjoys wearing full-coverage pants. Yoga shorts are useful in this situation.

They allow more room for the skin to breathe while still serving their primary purpose within the confines of the yoga studio.

Cluster’s Night’s Out Pocket style can easily become your go-to piece of clothing for keeping your tummy in place and storing your phone.

Known for their ability to absorb moisture quickly, you’ll be able to focus on mastering that garland pose without stressing about sweating.

Squats and running errands can be done without having to worry about your underwear showing through because the shorts are opaque enough to provide adequate coverage.

The length of these leggings is nothing to be concerned about. Stretching down to a respectable mid-thigh whilst being high-waisted for some extra coverage if you’re more reserved.


  • Length. These yoga shorts are the perfect length for running errands and attending yoga lessons.
  • Out Pocket. Perfect sizing for storing phones, keys or cards whilst you focus on getting that workout in.


  • Fit. The fit of these shorts may not be comfortable for all sizes and shapes. The high waist band can roll down and become uncomfortable. 

You can see these yoga pants here

Buyers Guide

Before you go and purchase those yoga pants you’ve kept in your basket. It’s better to have all the information you need.

This buyer’s guide has all the details you need to know about yoga pants before you purchase your own.

Length And Style

The first thing to think about when choosing a pair is what length and style are suitable for you and the type of yoga you do.

Nobody wants their poses to be hampered by their attire, and no one wants to wear something that is unflattering or uncomfortable.

Whether you prefer a full length yoga pants, flared leg or straight the length is completely personal preference.

Opting for a capri or short length will provide less coverage but more breathability if you live in a hotter climate.

In terms of style, many find practicing yoga in a flared leg to be rather irritating.

With extra fabric interfering with their movements, however, some find the more fitted legging style too restricting.

Yoga Style

The type of yoga that you practice can have a large effect on the style of pants you choose to wear.

If you are new to yoga or prefer a more simple style of stretching, basic yoga might be where you begin.

Most tight leggings have enough elasticity so they won’t feel constricting, and if you choose a looser pair, the additional fabric around your calves and ankles won’t get in the way.

However, if you prefer something like Hot Yoga you need to have the right yoga pants. Short capri or styles of pants will work best in giving you more breathability.

They’re so light that you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.

You should also pay particular attention to the fabric’s texture and fit, since you don’t want to be continually pulling them up during class.

Looser, full length cuts of pants are more desired by those practicing gentle forms of yoga. When holding poses for upwards of 3 minutes you don’t want to be constricted and uncomfortable.


There are three material options for yoga pants: cotton, synthetics and cotton-synthetics blend. Each coming with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton will provide a softer feel to the product. With a faster rate of absorbing moisture you’ll have less worry about sweat coming through as you’re working out.

However, cotton isn’t as breathable as other materials. This means you may find yourself sweating more easily and feeling hotter than usual.

You’ll be aware of synthetics in your yoga pants. More commonly known as Polyester, Nylon and Spandex.

These are found in yoga pants in order to give them the flexibility and stretch you need throughout your yoga class.

Synthetic material provides strong shape retention to their products keeping you secure and sculpted for longer.

Although, it has been documented that once they dry after a hard, sweaty session, pants made of synthetic materials can hold a stronger smell.

Cotton-synthetics combine the softness of cotton and the shape-holding abilities of synthetic materials. Best of both worlds.

Finding this blend in your yoga pants can feel like hitting the jackpot, however, you’ll often find a higher price tag along with it.

They are more of an investment with a higher return rate than those with isolated materials.


As the market of yoga pants increases, brands are having to find new ways to make their products more exciting and desirable.

A gusset insert solves the problem of a single pressure point where four seams meet, as well as distributing stress throughout the crotch seams, making your yoga pants more durable.

You want a pair with a gusset for comfort and mobility of motion, regardless of the material or form.

Before you buy your next pair of yoga pants, make sure to verify that region, or double-check the specifications if you’re purchasing online.

Another feature added to yoga pants are some handy pockets. Small enough to not ruin the look of the pants but big enough to store your keys, cards and sometimes your phone.

Perfect for when out running errands or had to take the car to your class.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a new pair of yoga pants, whether you’re a newbie or advanced yogi there are always some questions that need to be answered.

Below you’ll find commonly asked questions and their answers!

What To Wear With Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants aren’t only good workout clothes; they’re also great for activities outside of the gym.

They’re the ideal travel companion and an unexpected but lovely complement to your date-night ensemble.

There’s nothing wrong with layering a shirt and sweater over a pair of yoga trousers for a laid-back vibe.

If you’re looking for a method to dress up your leggings, try matching them with a warm sweater and an oversized denim jacket. Add white shoes to keep it cool and casual.

Lunch with the girls has never been easier to style. Have your yoga pants at the ready, pair with over-the-knee boots and a long cardigan for a cute, easy look.

What Is The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings?

Leggings and yoga pants are frequently interchanged. Yoga pants are made of a thicker material that is both flexible and moisture-wicking.

Yoga, Pilates, running, and gym workouts are all fantastic activities to do in a pair of yoga pants.

Leggings are more a fashion choice. Perfect for layering as the weather becomes colder. They are considerably more delicate in material and used for lounging.

However, no one said you can’t use yoga pants for both.

What Kind Of Underwear Do You Wear With Yoga Pants?

Nobody wants their underwear lines to be visible to the entire gym or grocery store, but it might be difficult to know what underwear won’t show through your leggings.

Cotton underwear, which is overly thick and holds moisture,are not recommended to be worn with yoga pants because they are too tight on the body.

Seamless, sweat-wicking underwear is your best bet for staying hidden and feeling comfortable throughout your workout.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get caught up in the fashion side of yoga as the popularity of the discipline and the yoga gear industry rises.

Yoga is about discovering one’s actual self, no matter what you’re wearing, and breaking free from the cycle of birth and death.

The greatest yoga pants, in the end, is the one that allows you to move freely during your flow; yet, it doesn’t hurt to look good while doing so.

Look for a pair of yoga pants that fit your every need. From breathable to moisture absorbent, there is a pair that does it all. Keeping the price low doesnt mean missing out on high quality.

Make sure to read our five best yoga pants on the market to find the right pants for you!


by Deborah McKeever-Watson


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