Pilates during Cancer Treatment

Pilates is a low-impact physical fitness system that consists of a series of exercises that develop the body’s strength, flexibility, and control. Pilates exercises can be easily modified to suit practitioners’ limitations and abilities. It makes sense, then, that Pilates can be used as an important part of maintaining wellness for those currently undergoing cancer treatments, or those in recovery from cancer.… Read the rest

Pilates for Chronic Low Back Pain

As Pilates instructors, we have all encountered individuals who suffer from back pain. Back pain is ubiquitous – 8/10 people will experience it in their lifetime. It has significant financial costs and is challenging for conventional healthcare to treat.… Read the rest

Pilates for Prevention

As many of us know, Pilates comes with many benefits. Usually we discuss how Pilates helps athletes get to the next level, or how it can rehabilitate clients after an injury. Let’s not forget that Pilates is also the answer for prevention of these injuries and much more.… Read the rest

The Elders to Pilates Exercise

There are still individuals practicing the Pilates exercises today that actually trained directly with Joseph H. Pilates himself. We most often hear about the following five as the Pilates Elders: Romana’s Kryzanowska, Mary Bowen, Ron Fletcher’s Beverly Hills Studio, Kathy Grant and Lolita San Miguel.… Read the rest

Pilates and Running

Many runners feel their running activities alone provide them with a very rounded exercise program. However, while running is great cardiovascular work, it can lead to imbalances in the body. Those imbalances can sideline runners and must be addressed in order to continue the activity in a healthy and beneficial way.… Read the rest