How To Get Rid of Back Fat With Pilates

Holidays leave many of us with some extra, loose fat hanging from different places. For some, that is the belly but for many people, it is that stubborn back fat that seems impossible to get rid of.

Thankfully, Pilates, a type of workout known for its fat-burning miracles, has several movements that can help with getting rid of back fat once and for all.

In this article, we have included the best ways you can get rid of back fat with Pilates as well as some answers to commonly raised questions around the topics of fat loss and Pilates.

Can I Spot-Reduce Fat From My Back?

Spot reduction is a myth that many people keep on ‘selling’ to get more clients or promote their magical fat-loss teas and powders to people who want to lose fat from their legs, back, or belly.

However, it is important that you understand that spot-reducing far from a specific area is not realistic.

What is realistic, though, is losing overall fat from your body and working on strengthening some areas to make them look leaner and stronger.

Essentially, fat loss comes with muscle building and toning, so if you want to lose that back fat, you will have to work out your entire body.

Can Pilates Help Me Get Rid Of Back Fat?

Pilates is a type of workout known to strengthen and tone our body, in addition to making us more flexible and offering us a leaner look.

Most of the Pilates exercises are suitable for beginners, yet they can be adjusted accordingly to fit the needs of intermediate and advanced people who want to progress with their workouts.

There are several exercises targeting the legs, arms, and core, but the best thing about Pilates is that most of its exercises are compound and work several muscles and muscle groups at the same time.

As a result, if you want to lose fat and work on getting a leaner back, Pilates is the perfect way to do it, and we have some examples of Pilates exercises below that you can perform to strengthen your back and promote fat loss.

Pilates Exercises To Help Get Rid Of Back Fat

Up And Down

To perform this exercise, you will need a resistance band or alternatively a towel. Holding the band or towel behind your back, draw your arms away from your body by lifting them up into the air.

Try to pull the band or towel apart to feel the resistance in your arms. If the towel or band is too long, fold it to the proper length.

Bending your elbows and holding the towel or band, bring your arms behind your head and then raise them back up.

Complete several reps – anything from 30 to 50, depending on your strength and endurance – and make sure that your back is engaged as you perform this exercise.

Side To Side

Performing the same exercise by moving your hands up and down as you hold the towel or band, add a side-to-side move when your hands are up.

You should feel the stretch on your side, in the midsection as well as your hips.

Back Shavers

Bring your core, arms, and shoulders parallel to the mat by bending forward. Holding the band in your hands, raise your arms backward and then bend your elbows so that your palms are parallel to your lower back.

You want to look as if you are trying to shave your back while bending forward – hence the name of the exercise.

Once you are in position, stretch your elbows and then bend them again. This exercise should work your core, back, and triceps.

Perform as many reps as you can for 3-4 sets.

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Plank Or Push-Up Rows

Get in the plank position by engaging your core. Slowly lift your one arm by bending your elbow as if you are pulling a rope from the floor.

If this is too low for you, you can complete this exercise by staying in the push-up position. In this case, lower your arm, place your palm back on the floor and perform the same movement with your other hand.

For some extra challenge, you can hold a weight on each hand. Complete 10 reps on each side for 3-4 sets.

Side Planks

Lying on one side with your legs stretched out and with one leg placed on top of the other. With your lying hand’s elbow under your lying hand’s shoulder and with the support of your hips, toes, and core, lift your body up.

Make sure that you are not in a ‘rainbow’ pose with your hips higher than your core. You want your body to look like a straight line and feel your abs and your previously lying leg’s hip burn.

If you find this exercise too difficult to perform, you can start by keeping your knees down on the floor and balancing your body with their support too.

Stay in a side plank position for 30 seconds on each side.

Double-Leg Kick

A double-leg kick works your upper booty as well as your back by engaging your core. Lying with your face down on the floor, engage your core and raise your legs with your knees bent.

Then try to kick as high as you can by squeezing your booty. Complete 20 double-leg kicks for 3-4 sets.

What Else Can I Do To Promote Fat Loss?

Add Some Aerobic Activity To Your Day

Frequent aerobic activity is among the most effective methods for weight loss in your underarms and back.

The main thing is to increase your heart’s rhythm and increase your body’s rate of using energy and, hence, burning calories.

Include aerobic training that involves movements of your upper body and core too, like swimming, handball, the elliptical, CrossFit, and dancing.

Combining cardio exercises with 2-3 days of strength training activities that target the back will help you lose weight and strengthen your back’s muscles way quicker.

Develop A Nutritious And Healthy Diet Plan

It is true that the best bodies (and the worst ones) are built in the kitchen rather than the gym.

No matter how much you work out, if you fail to follow a healthy diet or keep eating way more than you burn, you will never manage to burn that extra fat on your body.

Your back fat is a result of a lack of exercise, a bad diet, or both. Leading a sedentary life and eating unhealthy food or food with little to no nutritional value will only make it easier for you to build a body with extra fat in several areas.

So, if you are really determined to lose that back far of yours, make sure to follow a healthy diet that mostly includes food like fruits, vegetables, legumes, healthy fats, complex carbs, as well as lots of protein.

The Bottom Line

There are many Pilates movements that can promote fat loss from your back.

Adding Pilates to your daily routine and combining it with some cardiovascular activity and a healthy, nutritious diet is the best way to strengthen your body, lose fat, and get a leaner back!