Why Are Celebrities Obsessed With Pilates (The Answer Might Surprise You)

Why Are The Celebrities Obsessed With Pilates (The Answer Might Surprise You)

While today many people who are looking for a gentle but effective workout choose Pilates, this wasn’t always the case.

Pilates was originally a training routine mostly favored by celebrities because it shows results in a very short time and it’s an extremely targeted workout.

Pilates has come a long way since its invention in the early 20 century, and it has seen many changes over the years.

With the increase in popularity by celebrities in the 90s and early 2000s, Pilates has made its way across the world.

But why are celebrities so obsessed with Pilates? We take a look at what makes Pilates the perfect workout for Hollywood stars.

Why Pilates Is Popular With Celebrities

Today, we know that Pilates is suitable for everyone, and there are plenty of different Pilates styles to choose from.

But it is still an extremely popular workout program with celebrities and A-list stars. Here are a few reasons why.

Pilates Is Adaptable

Pilates isn’t just suitable for a certain group of people. It doesn’t matter what lifestyle you live or what body type you have, Pilates adapts to your fitness needs.

Whether you have plenty of fitness experience or you haven’t ever set a foot into a gym, Pilates is flexible enough to create a great training routine.

Plus, a good Pilates teacher can also help you adjust the exercises and movements according to any medical conditions you might have.

This means that Pilates is good for all celebrities, as well as everyone who isn’t famous.

Pilates Is A Whole-Body Workout

Another reason why Pilates has become so popular with celebrities is that it provides a workout for the entire body.

Many other exercise programs only focus on a certain set of muscles in the body but the different Pilates exercises can concentrate on the entire body.

Each muscle can be trained individually and as you train individual muscles, you also build core strength together with an overall improvement in full-body fitness.

Pilates’ Focus Is On Strength

When you are in front of a camera all the time, like many celebrities, then you want to look your best.

However, you don’t want to artificially make yourself look bigger. Instead, it’s a good idea to build on the muscles you have and strengthen them.

This is exactly what Pilates does. It strengthens core muscles and tones them in a way that does not just look good but is equally healthy.

Pilates Increases Flexibility

Pilates exercises concentrate on movements that target the muscles in your body by lengthening them.

This does not just make your muscles more agile but it also improves the range of your joint mobility, helping you to increase overall flexibility.

Greater body flexibility can help you move more and also stretch your body which is ideal for overall wellbeing as well as other workout routines.

Pilates Improves Posture

Thanks to its strong focus on core strength and a good spine alignment, Pilates is an ideal workout to improve your posture.

The changing Pilates exercises train your body to adapt to a more natural posture which is essential for many celebrities as part of their ever-changing roles.

And what celebrities also like about Pilates besides the posture improvements is that the workout has a long lasting effect, so they naturally use a good alignment of their spine, arms and legs in other workouts, too.

This does not only create a nice silhouette but it also helps prevent back pain.

Pilates Enhances Core Strength

One of Pilates’ key principles is that it enables practitioners to enhance their core strength through regular resistance exercises.

This workout acts on the muscles in the abdomen, back and pelvic floor making them more resilient as well as toning them nicely.

This sort of training can help you achieve your washboard abs which are particularly important for everyone in the glamorous world.

Pilates Raises Your Energy Levels

Pilates Raises Your Energy Levels

Celebrities spread this immense energy all around them, and much of this comes from a balance of eating healthily and a good workout.

Pilates provides a proper training that gets your muscles moving. This releases plenty of happiness hormones which make you feel better and give you lots of energy.

Pilates stimulates every part of the body by activating our circulation. This means there is more blood flowing through our brains which also activates the mind.

Pilates Focuses The Mind

We have already touched on it briefly. With the many physical benefits that Pilates training offers, there are also a range of mental health benefits.

Many people who started out with Yoga also enjoy Pilates because the flowing movement exercises resemble some of the focus that’s required with mindfulness practices.

You gently observe your body and mindfully concentrate on your breathing. This makes Pilates a truly powerful practice for celebrities, business owners and everyone who wants to improve their resilience.

Pilates Is Gentle And Controlled

Some workout programs are seriously heavy on your body with throwing ropes, hammers or weights.

Pilates involves controlled and slow movements and motion. This means it is much more gentle on your muscles, tendons and joints.

This being said, Pilates is still a strenuous workout which can tire you out but it isn’t as stressful as many other workouts.

You are also less likely to get sweaty with a few Pilates exercises, which leaves you more space to focus on your movements and arm or leg position.

Pilates Combines Well With Other Workouts

Another great benefit of the different types of Pilates is that you can combine it with other workouts to hit fitness goals.

It’s so versatile that you can fit it around other training programs which is ideal for celebrities because they often have more than one workout regime and even more than one personal coach.

But if you are not a celebrity, then it’s also fine to perform Pilates on its own without going to the gym, running or other cardiovascular training.

Pilates Shows Quick Results

How quickly Pilates can show results depends on a person’s fitness level, age and diet.

The effectiveness of Pilates will also depend on how many sessions per week you do. It’s typically recommended that 2 to 3 sessions a week can make a big difference.

Looking at some celebrities, they are more likely to practice Pilates more often which is easily possible with 20 to 30 minutes per session.

Pilates Can Be Practiced Anywhere

Another big advantage of Pilates is that it can be practiced almost anywhere you like. You don’t have to go to a studio.

You can just do your Pilates workout in your home studio or even on the beach.

Saying this, you will often spot celebrities with a personal trainer because a good Pilates teacher can provide tips on the right exercises and a good alignment to make each exercise more effective.

If you are not a Hollywood star, then you can join a Pilates class or check out some Pilates exercises online.

Final Thoughts

If you have seen your favorite celeb doing Pilates, then there is nothing stopping you from trying some of the exercises yourself.

Pilates has so many great mental and physical health benefits which makes it suitable for everyone.