The Elders to Pilates Exercise

The Elders to Pilates Exercise

There are still individuals practicing the Pilates exercises today that actually trained directly with Joseph H. Pilates himself. We most often hear about the following five as the Pilates Elders: Romana’s Kryzanowska, Mary Bowen, Ron Fletcher’s Beverly Hills Studio, Kathy Grant and Lolita San Miguel.

Romana trained with both Joseph and his wife, and committed to them to continue their teachings. She and her daughter still train the classical method today.

Mary Bowen started training with Joseph in 1959 because of her bad back. After improving in two sessions, Mary hasn’t stopped yet. She still trains and holds workshops through her studios in Connecticut and New England.

Ron Fletcher was drawn to Joseph because of a bad knee from dancing. He continued training with Clara after Joseph’s death. He opened his studio in Beverly Hills in 1971, and continues training Pilates instructors today.

Kathy Grant also trained under Joseph and now works full time in the Department of Dance at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She and Lolita San Miguel are the two people that were actually given a degree in Pilates by Joseph himself. Lolita San Miguel now trains Pilates instructors through her studio Pilates Y Mas Inc.

The elders were drawn to Joseph because of their own personal story, but still today, 50 years later, they still practice the Pilates exercises and teach them to the world. More information on Pilates elders can be found at