Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

If you are looking to tone your arms, it can be difficult to find exercises that focus on that one specific area.

Lifting weights can help, but it can be hard to find the time to go to the gym, especially if you have a busy home life, so what can you do to reduce your arm fat?

Pilates is very popular to do at home as you can add it to a busy schedule where you can target key areas that you want to tone.

For ways to tone your arm fat, you can participate in a range of exercises below to help you feel more confident in yourself.

This article will take you through ways to reduce your arm fat by trying some new pilates exercises.

You can find out more below to feel more confident in yourself and start feeling good about your body!

How Does Pilates Tone Your Arms?

Pilates can work for more than one muscle group at a time during exercises, so your arms can get a good workout as well as other parts of your body.

Pilates is very beneficial for strengthening your abdominal muscles, so a lot of people believe that the exercises are only good for your core.

However, pilates can work your arm muscles as well as your core to tone them and reduce your arm fat.

The exercises can work your upper body muscles to help you see an improvement in your strength and figure, helping you to become more confident.

Pilates Exercises For Reducing Arm Fat

Shoulder Press

Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

Pilates doesn’t usually use weights, but you can incorporate light weights into your routine to help you tone your body.

If you are not used to using weights, it is important to take it slow and to make sure that you are not using weights that are too heavy as this can cause you to injure yourself.

Shoulder presses are very easy to do and can be done either standing up or sitting down.

Stretch your arms out to the side holding a weight in each hand and bring your arms up to meet above your head.

Keep your arms straight during this movement and bring them back down to the starting position to repeat.

You can also complete the exercise by stretching your arms out to the side and bending your elbows so that your hands are pointing at the ceiling.

Bring the weights up to meet each other above your head and bring them back to this position before repeating.

Band Bicep Curls

Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

Resistance bands are often used in pilates exercises, and they can be used to tone your arms and reduce arm fat.

Hold each end of the resistance band and position your left foot so that it is in the middle of the band.

Place your right foot slightly behind and softly bend your knees.

When you exhale, bring your hands up so that they are in front of your shoulders.

Lower them back to the starting position and repeat. Make sure that you are bringing your arms down to your waist, not much lower.

Repeat the bicep curls and bring your arms down to your knees to remove your foot from the resistance band.


Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your mat with your face facing the floor.

To make it more comfortable lying on your stomach, make sure that the ground is flat and that your mat is soft enough so that you are not uncomfortable.

You then need to position yourself so your chest is raised off the floor.

Your palms should be facing up, and when you inhale, raise your arms behind you are high as you can keeping them straight at all times.

When you exhale, lower your arms and chest back down to the mat and repeat.

Tricep Kicks

Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

Position yourself on your knees on your mat and places your resistance band in front of you.

Place the band under one hand to keep it secure and wrap the other end around your opposite hand.

When you exhale, bring your hand up to meet your waist and inhale to bring it back to the starting position.

Repeat this movement on the same side before swapping sides and repeating to work out your other arm.

Ensure the band is secure underneath your hand to avoid the band being pulled out and causing you to lose your balance.


Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

Most people believe that planks are only good for strengthening your core muscles, but they can help you to strengthen your arms too, which reduces arm fat.

To position yourself in the perfect plank position, place your forearms on the mat and straighten your body so that you are balancing on your toes and your arms.

Keep holding this position before taking a break and repeating it more times.

You can also make this exercise into a high plank by straightening your arms so that you are in a press-up position.

This will also help to tone your arms, so it is up to you to decide which position feels more comfortable for you.

Arm Circles

Looking For Way To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Pilates Exercises

Arm circles are a great exercise to do in pilates as they are suited to all abilities.

You will need to stand on your mat with your legs together. Allow your arms to hang by your sides.

Make sure that nothing around you could break or be knocked over during this exercise, so give yourself space.

Raise your arms in front of you and slowly begin to make small circles. Continue to raise your hands to the ceiling while making the circles.

Once you reach above your head, change the direction of the circles and bring your arms down to the starting position.

Continue to do this and rest when you are done.

When Will You See Results?

Everyone is different, so some people will see results sooner than others.

The most important part of pilates is being consistent so that you will see developments.

If you are not consistent with your exercises, your arms will not adapt to the movements, so your muscles will not develop at a fast rate.

If you are consistent with your movements, you will eventually begin to see an improvement in your arm strength.

Although consistency is key, you need to make sure that you do not overwork your muscles.

Overworking them can result in an injury as they need to rest, so make sure that you dedicate time to muscle recovery to get more out of your workouts.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are several ways to tone your arms and reduce your arm fat through pilates exercises, you just need to make sure that you are doing the right ones.

Although pilates is good for your core muscles, it can also help to strengthen your arms, which reduces arm fat.

Being consistent with your workouts is important for seeing results, but rest days are just as beneficial.

Make sure that you have a good balance of workouts and rest days to ensure that you do not experience any injuries that hinder your progress.

If any of the movements are painful, stop them immediately and look for alternative exercises.