How Much do Pilates Classes Cost?

How Much do Pilates Classes Cost?

Pilates classes are becoming a popular form of exercise because it is a minimal-impact exercise that works the whole body, and people of all ages can enjoy it. However, whether you take private lessons or a group class at a studio, Pilates classes tend to cost more than other types of exercise classes, and private and semi-private lessons are more expensive than taking group classes. The actual cost of Pilates classes will vary based on the studio, the number of classes you take and your geographical location. 

What are the Costs of Pilates Classes and Private Lessons?

As mentioned above, the cost of classes will vary depending on where you live. The price will also depend on what type of class or lesson you take. There are private lessons, dual or semi-private lessons and group classes. Prices will also vary based on whether the classes are mat-only classes or larger equipment is involved. You are also more likely to be charged more for classes taught by a master instructor than by a senior instructor. 

A one-hour private lesson generally costs between $50-$150 per session, depending on the instructor. Private lessons are suitable for people with specific needs and require more one-on-one instruction than they would receive in a group setting. You can also take dual or semi-private lessons, which are sessions for two or three students. These usually cost between $40-$90 per class, depending on the location, instructor level and equipment used.

Group classes are usually the least expensive option, and their prices will also deviate depending on the instructor, equipment and location. A 45-minute to one-hour group mat class averages about $15-$55 per class. If larger equipment is used, classes can range from $35 to $100 for a one-hour class.

Many gyms, fitness centers, and studios will offer discounted prices for taking multiple classes, rather than paying for one class at a time. Furthermore, some places offer monthly memberships to Pilates classes, where you pay around $100-$200 for a membership, and you can take unlimited classes throughout the month. 

Extra Costs Associated with Pilates

You might also have to buy some other equipment or accessories for Pilates in addition to paying for classes. Most studios and gyms will supply the larger equipment if the classes use it. Some will provide mats and balls and some of the smaller gear too. However, many people prefer to use their own equipment, especially the mats. Some studios may require that you bring your own mat for sanitary reasons. 

People typically use a yoga mat for Pilates. These range in price from about $14 to $42, with the most basic mats being the least expensive. Exercise balls cost anywhere from $12 to $27, depending on their size and the manufacturer. If you want to add other accessories like flex bands and ankle or wrist weights, these usually cost between $6 and $15, depending on the size, weight and manufacturer. 

Are you interested in receiving lessons in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Sometimes private instructors will come to the homes of their clients. If you want more intensity than what just a mat and ball can provide, you may wish to purchase your own larger equipment like trapeze units or reformers. Depending on the manufacturer and how extensive the unit is, these range from $1,000 up to about $7,000. 

Why is Pilates Expensive? 

So, Pilates classes can be a bit costly compared to other exercise classes. But why exactly? There are two main reasons why Pilates can be high-priced. First, instructor training requires a lot of time and money. Plus, they must pay extra for any certifications they get, as well as for continued education.

The second reason is the equipment. If you take lessons at a studio or fitness center, they spend a lot of money purchasing and maintaining the equipment. Therefore, you are paying to use high-quality equipment and to receive expert instruction from skilled and certified instructors.