Elina Pilates Reformer Reviews – 2022

Elina Pilates is a European company devoted to the practice of Pilates. The company also has headquarters in the U.S. and ships its equipment worldwide to the best in the industry. Their reformers include towers and Cadillacs and many accessories and add-on components. They offer models appropriate for home or studio use, but all are reasonably priced and guaranteed to be of the best quality, to be durable, and to be safe and effective.

Stackable Elina Pilates Reformers

The Story Behind Elina Pilates

Elina Pilates is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, in the U.S., but this is an international company that was founded in Europe. They are dedicated to producing high-quality Pilates equipment, including reformers, at reasonable prices. Elina values customer satisfaction, fitness, wellness, safety and happiness above profits.

Beginning in and now run from Spain, Elina is a company that has more than a decade of experience designing and making reformers and other Pilates materials. They work with experts and professionals, not just in Pilates but also in athletics, physical therapy, medicine and education. (Get prices for the Elina Physical Therapy reformer on Amazon.) From research and consultation with these experts, they have been able to offer some of the best equipment in the industry.

Why Studios and Practitioners Love Elina Pilates Reformers

All of the reformers that Elina sells are sturdy, durable, safe and made from high-quality materials designed to last. The models range in price from $2,500 for a top-notch home reformer to $5,250 for reformer/Cadillac combinations for home or studio use.

Elina’s reformers fall into three categories: reformers only, reformers with towers, and Cadillacs, the table and trapeze configuration that allows for even more exercise. There is an affordable home model, but even the studio models are reasonably priced for the quality offered. Most can be moved, stacked and stored, which makes the reformers ideal for smaller spaces, whether at home or in a gym.

Elina stands by its reformers and other equipment with comprehensive warranties that guarantee the lifetime of many parts. For instance, the home and commercial reformers come with limited lifetime warranties on the rails, the frame, and welding on foot bar mechanisms. These parts are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects, or you get a fix or replacement.

Elina Pilates Reformers

The Elina reformer lineup includes simple home models that are affordable as well as more advanced, durable studio models that are designed to hold up to repeated use for years. All are made from quality materials, including wood and aluminum and are designed to look elegant and attractive.

Home Aluminum Reformer

The lowest-priced model in the Elina reformer lineup is the home reformer. Retailing for $2,500, this model has everything the home practitioner needs and is great for beginners. It’s also a great choice for new, smaller studios. The machine is adequate for using with clients, and they can be stacked to be put out of the way when not in use.

The home reformer includes five springs, two gear positions and one pair of handles, plus foot straps, a foot bar with seven positions, adjustable shoulder pads and a head cushion with three positions. A standing platform allows for more exercises and includes a non-slip pad for safety.

Pilates Aluminum Reformer, HL 1 – HL 4

The next level up includes four models of the Elina Pilates Aluminum Reformer. Unlike the home reformer, which is at floor level, these models include legs that raise the machines up to make getting on and off easier. The heights vary depending on the model type:

  • HL 1 – 8.7 inches
  • HL 2 – 10.6 inches
  • HL 3 – 16.5 inches
  • HL 4 – 24.4 inches

The HL models are designed for studio use and range in price from $3,000 to $3,300. They are designed for heavy use and versatility in exercises so that you can use them with all types of students and clients in a studio.

Each HL model differs in height but otherwise has the following features: five-setting foot bar, five springs and a spring bar system that is easy to adjust, smooth wheels for a quiet ride, one pulley, removable shoulder pads, three sets of loops for hands and feet, wheels on the frame to make moving and storing easy, and a jump board that can be added for cardio workouts.

Wood Reformers

Elina also offers three different models of reformer made with wooden frames instead of metal. These range in price from $2,950 for the base model to $3,390 for the elite model. The wood reformers are not as movable or stackable as the aluminum models, but they are sturdy, stable and attractive.

Each wood model includes a patented rolling mechanism to make movements smooth and safe, one pulley, five springs, adjustable ropes, several pairs of handles, a built-in, non-slip standing platform, a jump board and adjustable foot bar, headrest and shoulder pads.

The elite model also incudes wheels for moving the machine, and it is stackable. It has six springs and more settings on the adjustable straps. The pulley rods can be changed by height and there is a built-in tower anchoring system.

Reformers with Towers

In addition to the standard reformers, Elina offers tower systems. A Pilates tower is a vertical frame that attaches to one end of a reformer. It includes several attachments and accessories, like roll bars, springs and pulleys, to extend the workout you can do on a reformer. The tower was originally developed to be a more compact version of Joseph Pilates’ Cadillac design.

Elina offers each of the wood reformers with a tower attachment, which is an additional $600 to $1,200 depending on the model. There is also a tower package for the HL aluminum reformer models. These are an additional $400 to $600. The home aluminum reformer does not have a tower attachment available.

Reformers with Cadillacs

For the most comprehensive workout, Elina offers three different Cadillacs. This machine was an invention of Joseph Pilates. It is a table, or bed, with a frame that attaches to both ends. It includes a number of pulleys, straps and other attachments and is also called a trapeze table.

A reformer and a reformer with a tower are adequate for most Pilates exercises and for most practitioners. A Cadillac offers additional movements and challenges for advanced practitioners or those with special needs. Elina offers three Cadillac models:


The base model retails for $3,360 and is a solid wood frame with a padded bed and frame with attachments. The attachments include a trapeze with safety springs and a cinch pendant, short springs and grips, long springs and grips, padded grips and a stability strap. This is a true Cadillac, which means it does not function as a reformer.

Cadillac Reformer

This model functions as both a Cadillac and a reformer. It is the most complete machine that Elina offers, and it retails for $4,500. You get all the attachments of a Cadillac and the complete reformer system and movements. This is a sturdy, durable machine suitable for professional use, including therapeutic use for clients with injuries or needing rehabilitation.

Elite Cadillac Reformer

The elite model is a $5,250 machine with all the complete functioning of the Cadillac reformer but with more refined and upgraded details and materials. This model includes a removable foot platform, non-slip surfaces, removable arm rests, adjustable headrest with cervical support, a padded jump table, rotating pulleys for greatest articulation and accuracy, removable and adjustable pulley lifts, high-quality ropes that allow easy exchange with the handles, a 7-position foot bar and six springs.

The Cadillac frame comes with a padded trapeze with several springs, an adjustable push bar, a sliding bar, an adjustable horizontal bar to change spring heights, short and long springs with carabineers for the trapeze, and padded handles and fuzzies for comfort. The elite model also offers a choice of colors in the upholstery.

Elina is known for its reformers, towers and Cadillacs, but the company also offers additional Pilates equipment. You can find three different models of Pilates chairs, ranging in price from $1,290 and $1,450 and suitable for home and studio use. Elina also offers barrels, from a simple, $300 model to a more advanced ladder barrel that retails for $1,260. The spine correctors range from $175 to $475 and include a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any user.

There are many brands of Pilates reformers on the market, but few have the range of models in high-quality materials as those offered by Elina. With years of experience and expert consultations, the company has been able to design and manufacture reformers that are durable and safe but also attractive and useful for practitioners at all levels.