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Sexy in 6 with Tracey Mallet

Tracey MalletTracey Mallett is passionate about helping people make healthier lifestyle choices and she is trying to reach as many women as possible. She is as approachable and nice as she seems in her DVD’s. Her enthusiasm pours out of her and she loves every minute of her busy life. ATP Specific Training and Physical Therapy is the Studio she started with her husband in South Pasadena, California about nine years ago. This is where she does what she enjoys most, teaching group classes. She trains clients and teaches classes several days each week. The rest of her time is spent writing books, making videos, doing interviews, and most importantly, spending time with her family.

Tracey has been active and healthy her entire life. She began her career by attending Italia Conti, London’s premier theatre school when she was sixteen. She danced professionally and traveled performing musical theatre. Tracey also became certified in Exercise to Music, which is England’s standard certification to teach aerobics. Tracey has also trained through BASI Pilates and Physical Mind Institute. She is certified in Gyrotonic ®, and holds certifications through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the National Academy of Sports Nutrition (NASN).

She met her husband while performing on a cruise ship and he was also very involved in fitness. They eventually settled in California where her husband finished Physical Therapy school and they both became Pilates certified under Rael Isacowitz, through Body Arts and Science International. Rael is her mentor and he had a lasting impact on Tracey. His teachings and way of thinking have helped her to run her Studio, including his philosophy that an exercise is not wrong as long as you have a plan and it is safely helping the body. She always asks herself, what is going on physiologically with the body during this exercise? The integrity of Joseph Pilates’ teachings is very important to her, but she believes we should also apply what we learn and know today.

Sexy in 6: Sculpt Your Body with the 6 Minute Quick-Blast Workout, Tracey’s most recent book was released in January. It is geared to busy women who feel there is not enough time in the day to exercise. Tracey knows first hand how hard it is to find time, but she is proof that it is possible. The book gives 6 minute routines to be done throughout the day, along with nutrition guidance and motivation. Tracey not only wrote the book, but also put together a group of women to participate in her program. Team Mallett followed Tracey’s program and were successful in changing their mindset and creating healthy habits. There are also two DVD’s that feature Quick Blast workouts from the book, Tracey Mallett’s 6 Minute Quick Blast Method-Total Body Fat Burner and Tracey Mallett’s 6 Minute Quick Blast Method-Total Body Calorie Burn.

Tracey tells women to make health their first priority. She reminds us that if mommy isn’t happy, the family dynamic is off. We have all been programmed that we need an hour of cardio, when we really need ANY exercise that we can get. Do what you can, work at the right intensity and perform the exercises correctly. Rather than spend 20 minutes going to Starbucks, Tracey says to do a 20 minute circuit or abdominal series. Three of her 6 minute intervals equal 18 minutes for the day. She recommends finding an external motivator, whether it is a DVD, motivational group, or workout partner. Let it become a healthy addiction! What motivates Tracey to keep exercising? She looks forward to the amazing feeling after a workout that recharges her and keeps her coming back for more.

Tracey is also the fitness expert for Health-E Tips, which provides healthy lifestyle programming for over 1 million children in schools across 47 states. She recently traveled to schools giving one minute of exercise to kids as a break to help obesity, teach healthy lifestyle choices and improve their attention span. She talked about posture, breathing and connecting to their abdominals. It was an eye opening experience for her to see the lack of body awareness among middle school children.

She knows very well with her two children Ty (4) and Amber (6), how much their environment will influence their lifestyle choices. One of their favorite activities is to dance to 80’s rock music or salsa. As Tracey says, “Dancing is great for the soul”. I am sure it is also great for the family!

Tracey is a true success story in all aspects. Starting with a 1200 square foot studio with only the essential pieces of equipment, they now have a 4000 square foot facility and thirty employees. She is currently writing her next book for pre and postnatal, which is due out in April of 2009. She has reached moms and working women all over the world to help change their lives in many ways. As Tracey knows, healthier choices for yourself lead to a healthier life in your marriage and with your kids. She seems to have perfected this. She is a great external motivator. We will definitely keep up with Tracey and you can too through her website

By · Posted on May 6, 2008 · Topic Industry Insider

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One Response to “Sexy in 6 with Tracey Mallet”

  1. Patti Howell on May 7th, 2008 10:47 pm

    Tracey is true gem. She has the warmth and realness about her that everyone loves. From the young to the old, Tracey is helping changes lives.

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