Ready to Tri Pilates? Part 1

In recent years, triathlons have gained huge popularity. The ultimate fitness challenge, triathlons are major endurance competitions involving swimming, cycling, and running. First seen in California in 1974, the triathlon finally made it into the Olympics, debuting in Sydney in 2000.… Read the rest

Ready to Tri Pilates? Part 2

The swim section of a triathlon is the first of the three legs in a triathlon. It includes the official start of the race, and usually is the most hectic portion of the race. The swim leg is held in a large body of water, like an ocean or lake, and the swimmers must complete a course that could be as long as 2 miles, depending on the length of the triathlon.… Read the rest

SUPilates: Pilates on the Water

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience and enjoy the best of both worlds: the strength and grace of Pilates, with the tranquility of the ocean? Believe it or not, you now can! Pilates Instructors across the country are taking Pilates to the water in their nearest ocean, lake, or river on Stand Up Paddleboards.… Read the rest