Top 15 Best Pilates Chairs Available to Buy Online

We understand that a stale fitness routine can make you try something new out there and push your fitness horizons. With a century-old history in the USA, pilates seems to be a perfect and versatile workout game changer. But you don’t have to find a studio or gym for classes anymore. With so many streaming or virtual pilates classes available, all you need is a good pilates chair or reformer.

The Pilates Chair

Fitness enthusiasts always start with compact and lighter versions of pilates to just tone their bodies. If you are about to buy a pilates chair for the first time or if your experience has not been good while buying workout equipment, we’re here to help. This pilates chair guide will briefly take you through what are Pilate Chairs, workout routines you can try, how pilates can help your physique, and what are the best Pilates chair options available on Amazon. Explore all the information on pilate chairs and check out our top 15 pilate chairs reviewed below.

SaleBestseller No. 1
STOTT PILATES Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles
  • Scroll to "From the Manufacturer" section for more...
  • Split-pedal stability chair that supports expanded...
  • Equipped with 2 heavy chair springs, 2 light chair...
  • Also includes Essential and Intermediate Stability...
  • Two pedals move independently or lock together...
Bestseller No. 2
Life's A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max with Sculpting Handles + Shape Transform & Reform + Total Gym...
  • TRAIN TO THE MAX: Split-step pedal system allows...
  • PROVEN RESULTS: Low impact workout delivers...
  • PRO TRANSFORMER: Pilates Pro Chair is an all in...
  • PACKAGE DEAL: Includes Pilates PRO Chair, standard...
  • STEP BY STEP EXERCISES: The workout DVDs feature...
Bestseller No. 3
Pilates Chair: Challenging the Core
  • Christine Romani-Ruby (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 100 Pages - 10/18/2010 (Publication Date) -...
Bestseller No. 4
Wunder Pilates Pro Split-Pedal Stability Combo Chair with Handles and Bungee Cords Oak Wood (Black,...
  • Wood: Oak
  • Single or split pedal functionality
  • Rattle free handles with easy and secure...
  • Removable handles adjust easily via a single...
  • 2 heavy springs, 2 light springs and bungee cords...
Bestseller No. 5
STOTT PILATES Armchair Pilates Plus
  • Region Code 0: Can be played anywhere in the world
  • Insturctional Level: Beginner (level 1 of 5)
  • Number of Exercises: 14
  • Equipment Required: chair, Flex-Band
  • Merrithew, Moira (Actor)
Bestseller No. 6
AeroPilates Precision Pilates Chair | 2 Online Expert-Guided Workouts Included | Stream from Any...
  • Pilates Wanda chair with enhanced design;...
  • Two free expert-guided workout videos included...
  • Adjustable two-spring resistance; Dual split and...
  • Padded cushion for upper and lower-body work;...
  • Compact design great for limited space; Anti-skid...
Bestseller No. 7
Pilates Chair,Pilates Reformer Machine for Home,Stability Pilates Pro Chair Equipment,Yoga Pilates...
  • The non-slip and wear-resistant support handle...
  • Simple and quick adjustment of the pull pin allows...
  • Can be used for Pilates exercise, but also for...
  • It offers a choice of 4 spring positions,the...
  • The flexible mat makes the exercise more...
Bestseller No. 8
STOTT PILATES Manual - Complete Stability Chair
  • 77 exercises and 144 modifications; 176 pages
  • manual covers are laminated with a Mylar Matte...
  • text pages are not coated so you can write on them
  • Bound using recycled Plasti-Coil binding, allowing...
  • Laureen Dubeau (Author)
Bestseller No. 9
Moxxi Pilates Fitness Chair- Locking Stability Seat and Twisting - at Home Exercise, Easy-roll...
  • Stability Seat unlocks results tripling action....
  • Isosceles Isolation Split-Pedal mends muscle...
  • Smooth Progressive Spring-based resistance...
  • 5lb Resistance Bands with handles- Sold...
  • On-demand workouts that are easy to follow with...
SaleBestseller No. 10
STOTT PILATES Armchair Pilates with Handweights
  • Workout Level - Beginner (Level 1 of 5)
  • Language Track - English
  • Equipment Required - Chair, Soft Hand weights
  • 58 Exercises
  • Workout Time - 40 minutes DVD Length - 79 minutes

Types of Pilates Chairs and Different Brands

What is a Pilates Chair?

To know the types of pilates, you first need to understand what Plates is. Pilates is a type of low-impact workout aimed towards muscle strengthening. The exercise also improves your flexibility and postural alignment. While you can increase or decrease a typical pilates session as per your requirement, trainers suggest that one session should be around 45 to 60 minutes long. 

Several people even do Pilates without equipment but having equipment ensures that you get precise movements and breath control while performing the slow pilates moves. A Pilates chair, as the name indicates, is chair-shaped workout equipment that is smaller in size but allows you to perform a variety of pilates exercises. With possibilities of performing around 75 different workouts such as push-up moves, lunge, standing up, etc, the Pilates chair has become regular workout equipment for many. It burns unwanted calories while also helping people with toning and conditioning their physique. Often also referred to as the Wunda Chair, the first design of the Pilates chair came back in the 1930s from the inventor Joseph Pilates. Since then the Wunda chair has been manufactured with multiple innovations and modernizations. 

Here are the different types of pilates chairs you may come across: 

Wunda Chair

As we mentioned earlier, this was the first Pilates Chair design by the inventor Joseph Pilates for a dancer named Kathy Grand. This chair was basically in a box shape with a side with springs where anyone can press to get resistance as per their needs. 

Despite being a simplistic design approach, Joseph was able to create a machine with a wide variety of workout possibilities. The machine primarily works on the core or abs intensely and also helps tone your legs, arms, and back. 

Pilates High Chair or Electric Chair

The design shares similarity to a regular chair with two sidebars that you don’t find in the traditional Wunda chair. It introduces more control and balance to your exercises while providing more strength to glutes, knees, legs, body alignment, and hips.

Arm Chair or Baby Chair

Next, we have a forgotten design that has vanished in tons of other Pilates equipment available in the market. However, with an articulated backrest, it provided exercises directed towards arms similarly to other devices. 

Ladder Barrel or Barrel 

One of the simplest Pilates equipment without any intense mechanism is the ladder barrel type of Pilates chair. The exercises performed are only meant for body toning and improvement in balance. It also helps with flexibility but with batter types available in the market, barrel Pilates chair design is not a popular thing anymore. 

Top 15 Brands for Pilates Chair on Amazon

Benefits of Pilates Chair

Pilates has been around for around a century now since its inception by Joseph Pilates. While it was originally designed just to improve body flexibility and gain balance, different brands have modified the design to a level where Pilates chairs have numerous benefits including: 

Injury Rehab: Pilates have become the fastest-growing exercise across North America with therapists preferring it to cure muscle imbalances due to injuries. Bodily injuries can cause problems in our posture, the way we sit, walk, or work out. Pilates exercise has become an easier way of promoting even musculature. Pilates strengthens our core and also focuses on spinal & pelvic alignment, becoming one of the best and flexible forms of injury rehab. 

Increase Strength: Contrary to popular belief, pilates chairs are also effective in increasing the core strength of the body. Different Pilates chair types work on different body muscles including, but not limited to arms, legs, and thighs while effectively improving flexibility and strengthening the core. 

Balance Training: Exercises on Pilates chairs work on the Transversus abdominis, which is our core muscle. Different Pilates equipment has different effects in improving your body stabilization. Different positions such as planking, 4-point kneeling, and kneeling help improve balance. 

Balanced Body Training: Pilates chairs have been regarded as the best way to give a strong foundation to make your body work and look better. With a deeply rooted education in the science of movement, these low-impact exercises have become the best way to maintain a healthy physique without pushing yourself in the gym. 

Great for Knee Problems: Pilates exercises also improve your knee joint mobility and deeply eliminate any knee problems you may have. With 30-minute knee strengthening Pilates exercises, you can build your knee strength while easing down the pain you may have due to some tension in the joint. 

Mind and Body Awareness: Apart from building strength, improving your posture, toning your muscles, and being an excellent way of injury rehabilitation, the Pilates chairs can also relieve mental stress and tension. 

How to Strengthen Ankles

Your feet not only need a pedicure and to know that you need to pay more attention to their structure. Problems in your ankles can have disastrous effects on your body’s alignment. The foot is formed by metatarsal and tarsal bones supported by the tendons and ligaments in the foot. With 4-layers of the foot muscle, a thick connective tissue plantar fascia runs through the foot to support all the arches. 

Weakening of these muscles can make your feet and ankles weak. It can be due to excessive weight, a foot injury, or constant use of bad shoes. You can strengthen your ankles through Pilates Chairs. Since Pilates exercises strictly focus on body balance, feet become imperative to strengthen legs and feet to promote a strong foundation. 

Exercises for toes, arches, heels, lift & lower help in excellent feet and ankle strengthening. Apart from that, ankle strengthening exercises on Pilates chairs also strengthens the chest, arms, and provides core conditioning. 

Different Exercises & Muscle Used

Upper Body Exercises 

There are a lot of upper body exercises you can try with different Pilates chairs. You can include these exercises in your regular workout routine to improve your posture while strengthening your upper body muscles such as arms, core muscles, neck, and more. Explore the list if you have recently bought or are looking to buy a Pilates chair for upper body exercise at home. 

  • Spine stretch forward pilates exercise
  • Neck pull pilates
  • Side bend pilates
  • Hands back teaser
  • Mountain climber exercise machine
  • Pilates push up

Lower Body Exercises 

While Pilates chairs offer benefits throughout the body, it still has more benefits in the lower body if someone can do all the lower body exercises mentioned below. 

pilates standing footwork

  • Seated Double Leg Pumps
  • Double Leg Pumps – Parallel
  • Double Leg Pumps – Wide
  • Standing Single Leg Pumps – Front
  • Single Leg Pumps with Crossover
  • Single Leg Pumps – Back Rounded
  • Single Leg Pumps – Side
  • Single Leg Pumps – Kneeling Front
  • Single Leg Pumps – Kneeling Side
  • Front Mountain Climb – Round Back
  • Going Up – Front

Muscle Used in Pilates Chair Exercise

  • Stabilizer muscles
  • The core muscles used to stabilize and protect the spine
  • Scapular stabilizing muscles
  • Iliopsoas muscle
  • Iliopsoas stretch
  • Muscle under butt
  • Internal oblique muscle
  • Internal and external obliques
  • Teres major muscle
  • Inner thighs muscle
  • Core muscles

Amazon Best Selling Pilates & User Reviews

Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max

Life's A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max with Sculpting Handles + Shape Transform & Reform + Total Gym...
  • Includes Pilates PRO Chair, sculpting handles, (6)...
  • Split-step pedal system allows for legs and arms...
  • Spring system lets you adjust your resistance...
  • Sculpting Handles unlock a whole new range of...
  • Run times: Susan Lucci's Favorite Moves - 28...

Marketed as the perfect way to get a summer body, Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max comes packed with 6 workout videos, an instructional poster, a makeover guide, and a user manual to easily expand your fitness horizons. The chair comes with 2 sculpting handles and 2 springs for robust support. 

Pilates PRO Chair by Life’s a Beach has a split-step pedal system to allow fitness enthusiasts to work separately on legs and arms. You can explore a wide range of workouts with two different sculpting handles that allow beginners to maintain balance. 

The equipment has been said to deliver proven results without any pains and aches. People who desire a perfectly shaped physique without running on treadmills or lifting heavy weights should consider the low impact exercises on the pilates PRO chair. Build your core, burn fat, and strengthen your cardio game all at once with this incredible equipment. The company also offers a 30-days full refund policy if you found it ineffective after a month’s usage. 

Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair

STOTT PILATES Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles
  • Scroll to "From the Manufacturer" section for more...
  • Split-pedal stability chair that supports expanded...
  • Equipped with 2 heavy chair springs, 2 light chair...
  • Also includes Essential and Intermediate Stability...
  • Two pedals move independently or lock together...

The next on the list is another multifunctional pilates chair widely acknowledged for being effective on most muscle groups. The Split-Pedal Stability Chair from Merrithew is made from a sturdy material to carry exercises that can push both upper and lower body strength. It conditions your body, improves stability, and enhances body control. Split-pedal Stability chair, as the name suggests, centralizes on stability and works great for people in rehab looking to stay either seated or in an upright position. It helps rebalance muscles while also offering a full-body workout. 

The advantage of buying Merrithew’s pilates chair is its ability to facilitate high-performance workouts too, that attract athletes and professional fitness enthusiasts. Buy it if you want a studio-like feel at home with a compact, easy-to-move, yet highly efficient pilates chair.

Peak Pilates MVe Fitness Chair

Talk about versatility and you can’t compare the Peak Pilates MVe fitness chair with anything else. The metal-built equipment has a sleek, stackable design for space-saving. With up to 5 high levels, this can be helpful for most fitness enthusiasts with different fitness goals. 

Similar to the Life’s a Beach pilate pro, the product will come packed with a top-level pilates education guide, visually rich manuals, DVDs for workouts, expert programming, and a bunch of other marketing material. The company has done everything to maximize the fat-burning experience. Built from 100% anodized aluminum, the MVe pilates chair is incredibly light and compact. However, an agile frame and compact design fail to keep it from providing full-range body fitness routines. 

Balanced Body EXO Chair

balanced body EXO Chair, Split Pedal
  • FULL-BODY: Originally designed by Joseph Pilates,...
  • COMPACT WORKOUT CHAIR: This compact and...
  • CUSTOMIZED EXERCISE: Featuring 2 springs, this...
  • PRO CHAIR PILATES: These chairs are perfect for...
  • SHIPPING: Delivery for this product is quoted for...

The unique and claimed-to-be the most compact Pilates chair out there, Body EXO Chair from Balanced Body helps perform a full-body workout while enhancing your balance and stability. This chair also has been a great tool for athletes who spend hours over pilates equipment in gyms or studios. Estimated to be around 40% compact than its closest competitors, the Balanced Body EXO chair also offers 6 chairs rather than the typical 5 chair setup. 

Furthermore, the package comes with a functional resistance kit with the ability to both push and pull. This allows users to pull off several new exercises usually not possible on other chairs available in the market. Not only that, you can perform even challenging and aerobic cardio and workouts with the EXO chair that are only possible with a pilates reformer. 

Malibu Pilates Pro Chair

Malibu Pilates Chair - Accelerated Results Package
  • 5 Workout Programs on 5 DVDs
  • Malibu 10 Wall Chart, Malibu Makeover Manual &...
  • Malibu Pilates Chair Assembly & Care Guide,...

The Malibu pilates pro chair is another regular pilates chair promoting indoor workout. The workout machine comes packed with 2 sets of resistance sprints including one standard & one heavy duty. The packaging also contains 9 workout plans on 7 different DVDs. It has a pilates chair assembly and care guide, 2 sculpting handles, and endless fat-burning opportunities. 

Designed by California-based pilates instructor Carroll Krief, the chair has an adjustable spring resistance, courtesy of the additional support from the two springs. You can do easy cardio moves to help you sculpt your legs, thighs, arms, and bottom while also toning your ab muscles. You can either work on your legs or arms separately or shape them together at your convenience. The 7 DVDs will take you through some effective workout routines with this Wunda chair.

Moxxi Pilates Fitness Chair

Moxxi Pilates Fitness Chair- Locking Stability Seat and Twisting - at Home Exercise, Easy-roll...
  • Stability Seat unlocks results tripling action....
  • Isosceles Isolation Split-Pedal mends muscle...
  • Smooth Progressive Spring-based resistance...
  • 5lb Resistance Bands with handles- Sold...
  • On-demand workouts that are easy to follow with...

Ready to be toned and wrapped up from your home? Here’s a great pilates chair for you with maximum stability. Moxxi Pilates fitness chair has a secret as the company claims to provide you maximum stability. The secret Moxxy stability seat allows you to gain flexibility and offers you the benefits of a one-hour workout routine in just 20 minutes. 

There’s nothing to manage or complex. The chair system is easy to use and life-changing in many ways. The resulting tripling power shown by the amazing Moxxi chair is claimed to be true by many buyers also. People claim that 15 minutes of Moxxi will get you 45 minutes of tiredness. Why don’t you buy the Moxxi Pilates Fitness Chair and try it for yourself if you are a fitness enthusiast? 

Elina Pilates Combo Chair

ELINA PILATES Elite Wood Stability Chair with Handles
  • This split-pedal Pilates Chair (often referred to...
  • The ELITE Pilates Stability Chair with adjustable...
  • The removable handles of the Pilates Chair adjust...

The Wunda chair from Elina offers a 4 springs position and provides a variety of resistances with 2 springs. The easy ‘twist and pull’ knob allows easy attachment and detachment of the handle. It is also adjustable to meet different heights and the pedals also come with a slider locking system. 

With a sturdy metal built, the wood quality is amazing with metal parts manufactured from stainless steel. Handles have rubber foam over them for extra comfort and the seat is specially designed to support a non-sliding design. You can keep this beast in Pilates chairs at your home to make it a little fitness studio. 

MUOARD Oak Fitness Chair

MUOARD Oak Fitness Chair Pilates Stability Chair Pilates Professional Training Equipment Pilates...
  • Full-body: Delivers a full-body workout that...
  • Compact workout Oak chair: This compact and...
  • Customized exercise: This fitness bench is...
  • Scope of application: These pro chair pilates are...
  • Balanced body: Balanced Body is dedicated to...

Here’s another full-body workout Wunda chair system. The MUOARD oak fitness pilates chair works on your balance, improves body control, builds strength, provides more stability, and encourages fluidity. While the oak provides it a sturdy and classy look, the stainless steel makes it a compact and attractive workout chair. 

2 springs and 2 resistance bands adjustable to 8 different resistance levels help you perform the most intense exercises on this machine quite easily. Whether you are trying aerobic exercise, or you want something to strengthen your core, this chair can be a great addition to your workout equipment at home. There’s no money-back guarantee even if you have non-quality issues so that may be a concern for you.

Peak Pilates Split Pedal Low Chair

Peak Pilates Exclusive (Split) Pedal Workout Low Chair
  • Single wall Baltic birch construction
  • Upholstered seat split-pedal
  • Spring post changing System with 2 Standard chair...
  • Solid wood pedal and comfort grip foot pad
  • Constructed from 13-ply Baltic birch and solid...

What makes the split pedal low chair from Peak Pilates different is its extra element of functionality, which is usually missing from Peak Pilates standard chairs. The split pedal low chair works perfectly for personal training sessions, group classes, and even in-house use. The exclusive ultra-glide tracking system of Peak Pilates split pedal low chair helps with quick and trouble-free spring changing.

Peak Pilates has always been known for the variety of resistance levels offered and they continue the tradition by offering up to 24 possible levels of resistance. The product has a 10-year warranty on structural components. You can also order the machine in 64 custom colors as offered by the company. 

Balanced Body Pilates Arm Chair

balanced body Arm Chair
  • Great for developing scapular stability and...
  • Solid and sturdy maple frame construction will...
  • Transport wheels for easy moving and storage when...
  • Improve upper body posture.
  • Great addition to any studio or home.

The Balanced Body has been developing an exciting range of pilates equipment. The armchair from Balanced Body is inspired by the passionate Pilates master Julian Littleform. This is probably the best equipment available out there for developing scapular stability. It works on upper body strength and also allows you to correct your posture on a daily basis. 

The seat is comfortable and stable while two sets of springs provide you with incredible flexibility. Being a portable machine, it can be a great addition to your home workout routine. The best things about buying equipment from Balanced include their free videos section, which’s unlocked after your purchase, and their 10-year long warranty over most equipment. Most of their designs are patented and therefore, are certain to bring you some uniqueness if you haven’t been using Balanced. 

Peak Pilates Exclusive Single Pedal Workout Low Chair

Peak Pilates Exclusive Single Pedal Workout Low Chair
  • Single wall Baltic birch construction
  • Upholstered seat
  • Traditional single pedal
  • Spring post changing System with 2 Standard chair...
  • Solid wood pedal and comfort grip foot pad

Peak Pilates has been a leader in making pilates chairs and reformers. This single pedal low chair comes with similar functionality as any classic Wunda chair but has added benefits of being a normal sitting chair when not in use. The single pedal platform promotes durability and stability and is being used by many studios and gyms. 

The amazing spring changing system is exclusive to Peak Pilates products only. Three stainless steel attachments on the rear and two on the front pedal with each spring allow users to go up to 24 possible resistance levels. The biggest highlight of this Wunda chair would be its 10-year warranty on the frame and structural components.

Balanced Body Combo Chair

balanced body Combo Chair with Handles, Pilates Exercise System, Black Upholstery
  • PILATES ACCESSORY: The Pilates Combo Chair is the...
  • PEDALS: Each pedal has 2 springs (1 light and 1...
  • FEATURES: The locking handles quick-adjust to 3...
  • SLEEK DESIGN: With beautiful, maple-faced hardwood...
  • SHIPPING: Delivery for this product is quoted for...

Claimed to be the strongest combo chair in the market, Balanced Body brings you a muscle strengthening pilates chair for people who fail to reach their fitness goals with more traditional pilates technique. Since most designs from the company are based on Joseph Pilates original Wunda chair design, this one also is an advanced version of the same design.

An additional padded split pedal enables users to perform rotational and reciprocal muscle movements. The original idea behind the combo design is from Brent Andreson who is a PhD, PT, and OCS. His innovation has added much more versatility to the design since it offers the widest resistance range of up to 110lbs or 50 kgs in the market. Adding more height of this combo chair allows you to place it at the end of a Trapeze Table. The chair has been re-engineered multiple times to introduce more stability, eliminate rattle, and reduce flex with heavy round tubing. 

ProForm Pilates Studio Chair

The ProForm Pilates Studio Chair has a design specially built for your studio. The equipment works on legs, buns, abs, and thighs with cardio and muscle strengthening exercises. If you want to build long, slender muscles while toning your body, this pilates pro chair is made for you. The progressive and adjustable resistance bands allow you to workout with resistance fitting your needs. The 4 position upper-body resistance attachments add more options to expand your fitness horizons.

The chair has a split step pedal system and a studio-based space-saver design so that anyone can buy it and carry it wherever they need to. The split-step system is especially designed to work individually or together on both the arms as well as legs. The upright positioning conditions legs, arms, buttocks, and thighs while maximizing core muscle strengthening.

Balanced Body Wunda Chair

balanced body Wunda Chair, Pilates Chair with Padded Step for Seated Exercises, Black Upholstery
  • PILATES EQUIPMENT: The Wunda Chair is the ultimate...
  • GROWS WITH YOU: You can start with a basic Wunda...
  • COMPACT SIZE: A great option for small living...
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Classically designed with beautiful...
  • SHIPPING: Delivery for this product is quoted for...

Here’s the OG of Pilates Chairs since this is based exactly on Joseph Pilates original design. Balanced Body has modernized it to meet the needs of the consumers with different body toning requirements. It comes with optional accessories, such as cushions and handles to customize separately. The Wunda chair provides you with the widest resistance range for any single-pedal chair.

With this much diversity, you can initially start from the basic Wunda exercises and eventually move on to more advanced high back programs later. With additional cushions, this Wunda chair can be transformed into a small-scale original design of Joseph Pilates. As with most Balanced Body Pilates equipment, this one also unlocks a free videos section for all its buyers. 

Wunder Pilates A1 Pro

Wunder Pilates Pro Split-Pedal Stability Combo Chair with Handles Oak Wood (Black, A1)
  • Wood: Oak
  • Single or split pedal functionality
  • Rattle free handles with easy and secure...
  • Removable handles adjust easily via a single...
  • 2 heavy springs and 2 light springs Included. For...

The Wunder Pilates A1 Pro converts into a single pedal version due to its split-pedal design. The non-slip handles and a sturdy built of oak wood is easy to adjust and comes with four strings allowed to be positioned in four different ways. It gives additional resistance levels and ensures a rattle-free handle. The easy ‘twist and pull’ knob allows users to work out with different handles any time they want. 

With strong resistance to decay, people living in areas where other materials may fail to survive can buy this oak-wood-built split-pedal Pilates chair. Multi-gear hooks on this chair meet different needs of users whereas an aluminum alloy support tube with a high-endurance adjustable spring set makes sure you are safely practicing all the workouts. 

Pilates Chair Buying Guide

With so many brands and types of Pilates chairs available online on sites such as, it’s easy to get confused while choosing the right one for your needs. Determining a Pilates chair for your personal needs relies on several factors, such as where you are going to use it, how many people will be using it, and how frequently it will be in use. 

Most Pilates chairs nowadays have a sleek, light, and foldable design allowing many users to keep one for their personal use at home. Pilates enthusiasts have always used expensive studio brands even for their personal use due to their compact designs. If you are looking for the sturdiest Pilates chairs, go for stainless steel and oak wood-built machines. We have compared 15 different models that you can compare anytime in terms of functionality, sturdiness, etc. If you have excessive body weight and want a more professional and big Pilates chair, check out a Pilates Pro Chair for sale.

Best Pilates Chair for Home Use

Most people like buying their independent Pilates equipment, and that’s why markets are flooded with Pilates chairs for personal use. In case you want the best Pilates chair for home use, focus more on a compact design. If you are a dancer and just need to work on your balance and flexibility, go for a Wunda chair with basic Pilates functionality. However, if you want to work more on your strength and body toning, pick from some of the more advanced versions, such as Malibu Pilates chair or Pilates Pro Chair. 

With our descriptive reviews of all the top branded Pilates chairs available to buy online on, you can pick the ideal chair and buy it directly from here. Rather than searching where to buy Pilates Pro Chair in Canada, look for multiple brands online and order yourself the type of Pilates chair that satisfies your needs. 

Why Include a Pilates Chair in Your Daily Routine

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

Research has found that Pilates exercises have major cardiovascular health benefits since it reduces arterial stiffness that eventually decreases the risk of hypertension & reduces high blood pressure levels. 

  • Reduce Cholesterol Level

Consistent Pilates sessions are known to improve levels of good HDL-cholesterol in your body and avoid LDL cholesterol, which is the primary source of blockage and buildup in the arteries. 

  • Lung Strengthener

People with obesity often face problems in lung capacity and volume. Pilates’ resistance training with low-impact exercises improves chest capacity and volume by increasing the activation and recruitment of respiratory-related muscles.

  • Improve Heart Health

As mentioned earlier, Pilates chairs are beneficial to cardiovascular problems since they ease down arterial stiffness and also reduce cholesterol levels, promoting a healthy heart and overall well-being.

  • Reduce Chance of Stroke

There are published studies available that analyzed Pilates exercises effects on chronic stroke patients and found a positive effect on both static and dynamic balance in people with chronic stroke conditions. 

  • Digestive Stimulant

Pilates workouts can be great in restoring digestive health. With deep breathing and a massage to your stomach organs, these low-impact exercises stimulate the digestive system and help you easily digest anything.

  • Increases Metabolic Rate

Pilates requires more energy, and it gets more energy by a boost in metabolism. It allows your body to quickly convert the consumed food into energy. It improves your basal metabolic rate by making you internally strong. 

  • Increase Oxygenation

A study conducted back in 2014 found that COPD patients found breathing benefits of Pilates exercises. The results concluded that the Pilates breathing technique improves blood oxygen saturation or SpO2.

  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance

A study on cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), which is also a primary factor for several chronic diseases, found that Pilates is an effective way to improve CRF in individuals as well as healthy people. 

  • Strengthens Muscles

Several practitioners rightfully claim that Pilates workouts develop flexibility across the body and strengthen the muscles. With more muscle strength, you reduce the risk of physical injuries while also remaining mentally relaxed & stress-free. 

  • Relieve Muscle Tension

A strong back and deeper abdominal muscles help your neck and shoulder muscles to relax well. Pilates increases core strength that ultimately improves joint support and relieves your muscles from any kind of pain.

  • Relieve Back Pain

Pilates exercises have been beneficial for people with chronic back pain due to different factors. In fact, people with lower back pain can eliminate it within a week by practicing a 30-minute Pilates session every day. 

  • Improve Reaction Time

Pilates chairs improve your reaction time with more flexibility and stability in the body and keep your body and mind active. The workouts bring an even tone to your muscles while also improving your neural response. 

  • Healthy Skin

Widely used as an anti-aging exercise program, facial Pilates uses a series of techniques to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Being a natural therapy, it has become popular for its unique and effective skincare approach. 

  • Burn Fat

Practicing Pilates helps you maintain a healthy physique and promotes weight loss just like any other cardio exercise since you always burn a few calories while performing a workout on these chairs. 

  • Increases Blood Flow

While transitioning into and out, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale it completely through your mouth. It allows a large volume of air to move from the lungs that eventually improves blood circulation. 

  • Sense of Well Being

Be it physical or mental, Pilates promotes your overall well-being. It improves blood circulation, improves balance, enhances flexibility, and has many more benefits that give you a sense of well-being. 

  • Reduces Stress

If you wish to never get sweaty and in pain after working out, pick Pilates. Probably the only workout routine with a sense of calmness with it. You will feel immediate calmness and a relaxed state after Pilates workouts. 

  • Decrease Anxiety

With Pilates, you can reduce anxiety through breathing exercises and prevent panic attacks in individuals prone to it. Apart from improving our physical health, Pilates exercises restore perfect emotional balance. 

  • Enhances Mood

Pilates workouts increase our body’s ‘feel-good’ hormone endorphins and decrease the infamous ‘stress hormones such as cortisol. These workouts work as natural mood boosters for everyone. 

  • Boosts Energy

Exercise, in general, is a great energy booster, and more energy allows you to work out more and stay motivated throughout the day. Pilates being low-impact exercises are easy to be incorporated into your daily routine to boost energy levels.

  • Improve Self Esteem

With regular body toning and the right posture, you will feel a great improvement in your self-esteem. When you feel better about the way you look, your self-confidence never shakes in front of anyone. 

  • Improve Self Control

Being active in general has many benefits, such as better self-control, self-confidence, and the ability to face challenges. Pilates offers strength while stabilizing your entire physique with better self-awareness. 

  • Reduces Depression

People with depression find relief with better and stronger pathways in the brain created by Pilates workouts. With more neurotransmitters and endorphins released, you can use your brain to fight against depression. 

  • Boosts Immune System

With mental health benefits to calm your mind, Pilates leverage physiological and mechanical processes to boost immunity. Our immune system is often impaired due to stress, and research has shown that Pilates is great against stress. 

  • Burns Calories

If someone weighs around 150 pounds, they can burn approximately 150 to 200 calories with a one-hour Pilates workout session. It works on all the layers of abdominal muscles to burn belly fat and keep you in shape. 

  • Reduces Inflammation

The proper breathing exercises in Pilates alongside physical movements help provide nutrition to the cartilage system and lubricate joints. Pain-free, smooth movement can prevent or reduce inflammation in sore muscles or joints.

  • Mental Stimulation

Breathing techniques used in Pilates stimulate our mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and improving blood circulation throughout the body. You will feel an increased feeling of well-being throughout your body.

  • Healthy Pregnancy

Contrary to popular belief, Pilates can help you in a healthy pregnancy. It strengthens your back, tummy, and pelvic muscles, which are the areas that often cause problems during pregnancy and even after birth.

  • Regulates Hormones
    Apart from increasing the endorphins and preventing hormones such as cortisol, Pilates can also regulate hormones to decrease menopausal symptoms often seen in women due to changing hormones. 

Final Word

Here we conclude a detailed Pilates chair buying guide to help fitness enthusiasts determine which Pilates chair to buy for their home or studio. Explore our other buying guides for more such informational content on Pilates.