Top 15 Best Pilates Chairs Available To Buy Online


We understand that a stale fitness routine can make you try something new out there and push your fitness horizons.

Whatever your situation, Pilates is a perfect and versatile workout game changer which is good for the mind body and soul, and this is made so much easier because you don’t have to find a studio or gym for classes anymore.

The Pilates Chair

With so many streaming or virtual pilates classes available, all you need is a good pilates chair to get started.So in this article we’ll be counting down the top 15 best pilates chairs that are available for you to buy. Without further ado let’s get started

Why Pilates?

Just before we break down our top 15 picks, why should you focus on pilates anyway? If you feel like you’ve seen more about Pilates recently, it’s not just your imagination. The exercise is rising in popularity—though it’s hardly new.

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century and originally dubbed Contrology, the Pilates method focuses on a myriad of exercises and small movements to improve physical and mental well-being. Breathing techniques play a big role in the practice.

Thanks to its hundreds of exercises, the Pilates method builds a combination of stability, flexibility, and strength.

It aims to strengthen muscles whilst also building on your flexibility and natural posture all in one. So you’ll really see the benefits of practicing pilates daily, or even less than that!

Studies have shown that pilates can offer many different benefits. A randomized controlled trial published in 2016 in Medicine, for instance, showed improved posture and reduced pain levels in people with lower back pain who practiced Pilates three times a week for 14 weeks.

You can read more about the study here  And in another study in 2013 by the the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, researchers found that  enhanced mindfulness, mental well-being, and overall well-being in people who did Pilates three times a week for 15 weeks.

You can check that out  here

What Is a Pilates Chair?

One of the great advantages of pilates is you require basically 0 equipment in order to get started. The Pilates chair is the only bit of kit that you’ll need in order to start seeing the amazing benefits of pilates.

It looks a little like a wooden box, topped with a padded seat and a pedal with springs. The springs allow for the tension of the pedal to be adjusted to make the exercises easier or more challenging.

With the added resistance, the chair offers a more challenging form of Pilates than you’ll get by doing exercises on a mat so you’ll see results faster.

Though it may be new to you, the Pilates chair has been around a while—it was also created by Joseph Pilates.

Joseph Pilates designed the chair for home use so that anyone can do pilates wherever you are, it’s small in dimensions but packs a punch with the exercises used on the chair The resistance of the springs will tone and strengthen in places you didn’t even know you had, and after some consistent exercise you’re going to start seeing results rapidly.

In creating the chair and other equipment, Pilates aimed to help people take his method further.

One of the original pieces of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, (the chair) was developed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily reached by traditional techniques and equipment.

So now that we know a little more about the benefits of pilates, let’s begin our countdown of the best pilates chairs you can buy

Our Top List of Pilates Chairs

STOTT PILATES Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair With Handles

Our top entry to our list, this STOTT pilates chair is a great purchase if you’re someone that’s looking to get serious about pilates from home, whilst stability chair workouts typically focus on the legs and torso, the split-pedal chair is adjustable to train other muscle groups as well, including arms, back, chest, and more.

As a result, users can achieve upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning during every Pilates workout. Plus, the chair’s smaller base of support and dual pedals allow for bilateral, unilateral, and reciprocal movements, helping improve stability and overall balance.

And to facilitate lunges and dips, the chair’s fully adjustable handles attach and detach easily and lock securely.

Other features include a double-steel frame for increased durability and stability, a spring-tension design that adjusts quickly with a unique hook-on system for a quick interchange, ultra-soft foam pedals and smooth-rolling wheels for transport.

You can find this pilates chair here

Life’s A Beach, PROmax Pilates chair

The Pilates PRO Chair Max takes the best selling Pilates PRO Chair workout to a new level! The Pilates PRO Chair Max includes the Pilates PRO Chair, Sculpting Handles, 6 fantastic training DVDs, step-by-step makeover guide, assembly guide, and a huge instructional poster.

The Sculpting Handles install easily to your chair without the need for tools and unlock amazing new workouts.

The brand new “Total Body Core” and “Buns & Thigh” DVDs take you through the challenging new workouts only possible with the Sculpting Handles for the Pilates PRO Chair.

The split-step pedal system allows you to work your arms and legs individually or together, and an adjustable spring system lets you switch up the resistance, making this an ideal choice for beginners and fitness fanatics alike.

Its compact, sturdy design fits into living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms, or home gyms, so you can easily enjoy a workout on your own schedule.

This product comes with a 6 month Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, and features include a sturdy steel frame and a smooth, vinyl seat with a weight limit of roughly 300 lbs.

You can find this pilates chair here

AeroPilates Precision Pilates Chair

This AeroPilates chair is great if you’re already a bit of a pilates pro, and want to continue with your exercise routine at home, Giving you the tools you need for a low impact but full body workout that’s great for toning and strengthening.

With the chair you’ll also receive two free expert guided workout videos to give you some guidance on how best to workout your body.

You can choose however you’d like to workout with an adjustable two-spring resistance system, which gives you the option for a targeted workout or a less focused broader muscle based workout.

The chair has a padded cushion for upper and lower body work, and adjustable padded handlebars which give you the confidence to go for it when you’re bettering yourself.

All of these features are snuck into a convenient compact design that’s great for the limited space that you might have, and anti-skid endcaps mean you won’t be slipping all over your floor.

You can see this pilates chair here

Moxxi Pilates Fitness Chair with Spin Seat

The Moxxi Pilates fitness chair is great for giving you the confidence to work out knowing that you’re supported the whole way. The Fitness chair offers a secret that sets it apart from other competition so you’ll see levels of stability that you just won’t see with any other products.

With the chair you’ll also receive a one hour workout routine that can be done in just 20 minutes, to really maximize your workout and see great results in record time.

There’s nothing to manage or complex either. The chair system is easy to use and easy to see results from.

The tripling in power is backed up by multiple reviews too, so you really can be sure that you’ll be working less, but seeing greater results. Reviewers say that 15 minutes of Moxxi will get you 45 minutes of tiredness. So why not give it a go and find out for yourself?

You can see this pilates chair here

Balanced Body Pilates Arm Chair

Balanced Body has loads of different pieces of equipment that will help with your workout. The armchair from Balanced Body is inspired by the passionate Pilates master Julian Littleform.

This is one of the best bits of equipment out there for developing scapular stability. As it works on upper body strength and also allows you to correct your posture on a daily basis.

The seat offers comfortable and stable seating while two sets of springs provide you with incredible flexibility. Being a portable machine, it can be a great addition to your home workout routine.

The best things about buying equipment from Balanced include their free videos section, which’s unlocked after your purchase, and their 10-year long warranty over most equipment. Most of their designs are patented and therefore, you’ll definitely learn something new from these.

You can see this pilates chair here

ProForm Pilates Studio Chair

This chair is designed as a traditional Pilates chair with an aim of providing strength and cardio benefits in one workout.

The chair will help to sculpt and tone arms, legs, thighs and abs and will help to develop flexibility, strength and cardio with this chair building long and slender muscles couldn’t be easier.

Adjustable & progressive resistance bands are great to work out with the resistance that fits your training level too. Split-step pedal system Bars work independently or together to help work arms and legs individually or together Upright positioning.

Simplistic but effective, this chair is conveniently small, but will help you get the job done.

You can see this pilates chair here

Balanced Body Wunda Chair

Easy to use, comfortable and sturdy, the Wunda Chair System from Balanced body is also expandable with optional handles and a high back.

Based on Joseph Pilates’ original design and dimensions, our Wunda Chair is classic in design and size while offering the widest range of resistance for any single-pedal chair.

There’s loads of separate addons you can purchase from Balanced Body too, so you’ll always be able to customize your chair with whatever different features that you might need. As with all Balanced Body products too you’ll unlock the videos section for all buyers.

You can see this pilates chair here

Peak Pilates Contempor Low Chair (Single Pedal)

The Single Pedal Low Chair has the same functionality as the classic Wunda Chair but without the added benefit of it converting to a sitting chair.

When a varied and challenging chair workout is in order to round out your sessions, this chair is the one to choose.

Its single pedal platform is stable and durable, and you’ll see fantastic results from this chair in a relatively short amount of time. If you’re looking for a standard pilates chair then you can’t really go wrong here.

You can check this pilates chair here

MUOARD Oak Fitness Chair Pilates Stability Chair 

For a full-body experience that delivers a full-body workout building strength, enhancing stability, promoting balance, and encouraging body control and fluidity the MUOARD oak fitness chair is a great bet.

It’s composed of spring, 304 stainless steel tube and oak(triple composite board). That won’t let you down anytime soon.

This compact and lightweight Pilates Oak chair is a great addition to your home fitness equipment. It’s portable, stackable, and easy to use with body weight or resistance bands which can be adjusted to 8 resistance levels, so you can perform the best exercise.

Use this machine for aerobic exercise,body-sculpting, core exercises, or anything else you might think of. And it looks great too!

You can see this pilates chair here

Peak Pilates Unisex’s Mve Move

Made from 100% anodized aluminum, the Peak Pilates unisex MVE move is an incredibly light and agile frame, which has the strength to support a full range of body types exercising on it.

It’s ideal for one-on-one training or small group classes and has a wider pedal for an increased arc and range of motion.

The spring system is easy to change, so you’ll never have to worry about wrestling around with a spring again. If you’re someone that prioritizes moving around, this portable yet durable chair is a great idea for you.

You can ckeck this pilates chair here

Combo Chair

The Elina Pilates Combo Chair offers a choice of 4 springs positions for each spring and 2 springs strengths to provide a wide variety of resistances. The removable handles adjust easily via a single ‘twist and pull’ knob and offer a height range.

The pedals are easily joined or separated using a simple locking slider underneath the pedals. Wheels allow for easy movement of the apparatus so you won’t spend any time dragging the machine around.

You can check this pilates chair here

EXO Chair

The last entry on our list, the EXO chair is another product from balanced body that provides a full body workout, in a very small and efficient package.

The EXO is one of the most compact yet durable Pilates chair on the market, managing lightweight materials and ease of movement and storage, which results in a 40% smaller footprint than competitive products when storing six chairs together.

Another fantastic option if you’re someone that prioritizes efficiency and storage space.

You can check this pilates chair here


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