Pilates Resources from the Comfort of your Home

Pilates Resources from the Comfort of your Home

In today’s busy world, everyone is looking for convenient and accessible ways to educate themselves and provide training aids and resources for their clients. As Pilates instructors, we long for more and more information to feed ourselves and enhance our clients’ exercise experience. Most of us would attend every conference possible, but of course we are limited by money, time and logistics.

To retain our clients, we use every means available to keep them motivated and consistent. Resources that keep them moving and make their goals easier to attain are beneficial to us as trainers as well.

After researching, we found that many organizations are developing programs to help us learn using technology from the comfort of our home. The internet has made many options possible for us and our clients.

  • Just last week I attended a webinar from home while my son slept. It was presented by Les Mills International and SCW Fitness Education. The topic was “How are you reacting to today’s economy?” It was great information and it was free!
  • I was also excited to see that this year the Body Mind Spirit Expo that takes place in California in April is offering Webinars for participants who are unable to attend the actual conference! This is truly exciting for those of us who know we can’t be in California in April.
  • Liz Koch offers a 5 Hour Virtual Psoas Tele-Class. You can listen for one hour per week to the virtual class from anywhere. This class covers basic aspects of the psoas, its function and effects, recommended exercises and group discussions of problems and solutions. Don’t miss out!
  • Pilates instructor Lynda Lippin has created several MP3 audio downloads that are great for instructors or clients. The titles include Pilates for Back Pain, Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain and Pilates with Ring and Roller. These are great for travel or as an easy listening companion to take you or your clients through a specific Pilates routine.
  • Rael Isacowitz, with BASI Pilates, who is a world renowned leader in Pilates instruction has created an Online Pilates Training program. This software is sure to give instructors great training information.
  • Peak Pilates has a Community area on their website that includes a blog, audio podcasts from their Master Trainers and audio workout downloads on the chair and reformer.
  • Ultimate Pilates Workouts, created by Katherine and Kimberly Corp of Pilates on Fifth, gives several membership options to view unlimited Pilates workouts with small and large equipment. This site is sure to give you new ideas for your clients and classes.

If you come across other resources and educational programs that can be accessed via the internet, please let us know. We all need resources to continue learning and being able to do that on our own time schedule is a bonus!

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