Pilates for a Better Golf Swing

Of the many benefits of practicing Pilates, improved posture and body awareness are two of the most important. While they are beneficial to everyone, improved posture and body awareness can be extraordinarily helpful to golfers.… Read the rest

Pilates for Athletic Conditioning

It’s no secret that many celebrities are turning to Pilates for that intimate mind-body connection. But did you know that top-dollar athletes do Pilates too? It’s true! Professionals such as golfers Tiger Woods, David Duval, and Steve Ballesteros, basketball star Jason Kidd, pitcher Curt Schilling, pro hockey player Carlo Colaiacovo, and offensive lineman Ruben Brown among others are turning to this alternate form of exercise for rehabilitation purposes and prevention of sports injuries – and as a result, they’re more agile on the field, flexible on the court, and staying away from the bench more often!… Read the rest

Pilates for Power in Your Golf Game

Golfers are a unique breed of athlete. Many go straight from their car to the driving range or the first tee box without any thought about the condition of their bodies. Are they warmed up, are they tight, did they stretch out and get prepared for the work that lies ahead?… Read the rest

Pilates for the Love of the Sport

I have been an avid cyclist since 2001. When my husband, Joe (a Personal Trainer), and I were married, we each purchased steel-framed LeMond bikes. Every summer weekend, we would go out and ride for miles and miles.… Read the rest

Ready to Tri Pilates? Part 1

In recent years, triathlons have gained huge popularity. The ultimate fitness challenge, triathlons are major endurance competitions involving swimming, cycling, and running. First seen in California in 1974, the triathlon finally made it into the Olympics, debuting in Sydney in 2000.… Read the rest

Ready to Tri Pilates? Part 2

The swim section of a triathlon is the first of the three legs in a triathlon. It includes the official start of the race, and usually is the most hectic portion of the race. The swim leg is held in a large body of water, like an ocean or lake, and the swimmers must complete a course that could be as long as 2 miles, depending on the length of the triathlon.… Read the rest