Chances are, you know a lot about Pilates. Chances are you do not know a lot about GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. GYROTONIC® is a relatively new fitness system (late 1970’s) touted by the likes of Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Anniston.… Read the rest

Pilates workout with the X-iser Machine™

Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to add cardiovascular work to your Pilates classes without foregoing the Pilates workout? Here is a way to add cardio work while complementing the Pilates workout in addition to helping clients feel better, increase their endurance, burn more fat and save time?… Read the rest

Zobha …Every movement, every moment

We recently had the chance to experience the fit of Zobha yoga and fitness apparel line. The Zobha line is exactly as described on their website, “lightweight, high-performing fabrics with exceptional fit and thoughtful details.” As soon as I put the pants on, the fabric felt amazing to wear.… Read the rest

Ballet Pilates Fusion

This DVD has such a nice mix of Pilates and ballet that it made me miss my days in ballet class. I have thought about taking a ballet class for years and this DVD gave me the ballet discipline I was wanting.… Read the rest

Circular Pilates by Joan Breibart

Perhaps because the Pilates Method encompasses so much material and is ancient relative to traditional fitness, some individuals feel that nothing in the Method needs to change. Maybe that’s why we framed Standing Pilates® as “What Joe would have done if he were alive,” when we launched a few years ago.… Read the rest

Gliding into Pilates

Pilates professionals as well as fitness instructors are always searching for new ways to expand their repertoire for clients. One of the more recent tools on the market to help instructors add spice and challenge to their workouts is called Gliding Discs.… Read the rest