Pilates for Power in Your Golf Game

Golfers are a unique breed of athlete. Many go straight from their car to the driving range or the first tee box without any thought about the condition of their bodies. Are they warmed up, are they tight, did they stretch out and get prepared for the work that lies ahead?… Read the rest

The Muscles of the Pelvic Floor

What do you mean lift my pelvic floor? This is what we hear from some of our clients, but patiently we get them to learn, use and appreciate their pelvic floor muscles. As Pilates instructors, we know how important the muscles of the pelvic floor are and why we emphasize them to our clients.… Read the rest

The Training of a Pilates Instructor

There are many organizations that are training Pilates instructors, with more developing all the time, but how do we know if they are reputable and have a good quality training program. Organizations are usually referred to as Classical Pilates or Contemporary Pilates.… Read the rest

Foam Roller Fun

Are you incorporating the foam roller into your Pilates exercise routine? We sell them to our clients all the time and they love using them at home. There are so many exciting and challenging options with the roller.… Read the rest