The Art of Cueing – Oh, Those Words

Consider the awesome power of words. Just to begin the discussion, think of the many meanings of words. The same word can have many meanings and be interpreted in lots of ways. The word “position”, for example, can refer to the arrangement of your body in space, your job description, or a situation you find yourself in due to circumstances.… Read the rest

The History of Pilates Exercises

Joseph H. Pilates a man ahead of his time. Some people are surprised that the hundreds of Pilates exercises were designed by a man. It is obviously not an exercise program just for women. The founder of Pilates, Joseph H.… Read the rest

The Link Between the Mind and Body

It’s something you do every day, every minute, every second yet you wouldn’t give it a thought unless you couldn’t do it and then it would quickly become an issue. What is it? It’s breathing.… Read the rest

Why Hire a Pilates Instructor?

The fitness industry is known for having instructors who are not fully qualified to accurately perform their job functions. Industry standards, while changing, have not been fully established and this has created some problems for consumers as well as qualified instructors.… Read the rest

Zen of Teaching Pilates – working through a negative mindset

There is a reason Pilates is called “mind-body” work. Not only does the mind work in conjunction with the body to create flowing movements and firing specific muscles, it also sets the tone for how a session proceeds.… Read the rest

Foam Roller Fun

Are you incorporating the foam roller into your Pilates exercise routine? We sell them to our clients all the time and they love using them at home. There are so many exciting and challenging options with the roller.… Read the rest