Fundamental Pilates Equipment

What’s better for me, Mat Pilates or Pilates using equipment? This is a common question posed to Pilates instructors and the answer can be pretty straightforward – one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it just depends on your exercise goals and tendencies as well as your wallet.… Read the rest

Pilates for Chronic Low Back Pain

As Pilates instructors, we have all encountered individuals who suffer from back pain. Back pain is ubiquitous – 8/10 people will experience it in their lifetime. It has significant financial costs and is challenging for conventional healthcare to treat.… Read the rest

Pilates for the Love of the Sport

I have been an avid cyclist since 2001. When my husband, Joe (a Personal Trainer), and I were married, we each purchased steel-framed LeMond bikes. Every summer weekend, we would go out and ride for miles and miles.… Read the rest

Pilates workout with the X-iser Machine™

Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to add cardiovascular work to your Pilates classes without foregoing the Pilates workout? Here is a way to add cardio work while complementing the Pilates workout in addition to helping clients feel better, increase their endurance, burn more fat and save time?… Read the rest

Teaching the ABC’s of Pilates

We’ve all seen it happen. Some clients can only afford a handful of private Pilates sessions. Oftentimes, these are the bodies crying out for help with pain, misalignment and poor body mechanics. After working with thousands of clients from all walks of life, I’ve developed a unique teaching style that serves both the short-term client and the ongoing client.… Read the rest

Teaching with a theme within a Pilates instructional field

The Pilates teaching field has emerged over the past century and has encouraged instructors to find a means of presenting material designed by Joseph Pilates. There are valued standards of presentation, some adhering meticulously to a specified regime and others using the prescribed formula that evolves from individual needs.… Read the rest