Pilates and the Economy

The talk of the slow economy isn’t leaving anytime soon. The news has covered it for over a year and we now know it is going to take a lot more time to recover. It is hard to be positive with the news surrounding businesses these days, but what do you do?… Read the rest

Pilates Beyond the Studio

Sometimes we all need a change of scenery. Getting out of the studio and offering Pilates in non-traditional venues will give you the opportunity to tap into possible new clientele, introduce Pilates to those who might otherwise never try it, and give back to your community.… Read the rest

Pilates in Paradise?

I have what many people would consider to be an ideal job. I do what I love (teaching Pilates, of course) on a small luxurious private island resort in the Caribbean. My husband also works here, and they provide us and our dog with housing, meals at the staff canteen, and periodic parties, drinks, and intra-mural sports.… Read the rest

Pilates Resources from the Comfort of your Home

In today’s busy world, everyone is looking for convenient and accessible ways to educate themselves and provide training aids and resources for their clients. As Pilates instructors, we long for more and more information to feed ourselves and enhance our clients’ exercise experience.… Read the rest

Do you encourage and reward your Pilates clients?

Retention is an important part of maintaining not only your Pilates business, but consistency is also how your clients receive the benefits of The Pilates Methods. Keeping the interest of your clients as you know requires some additional effort.… Read the rest