Pilates at home

The Best Pilates Exercises to do at Home

Pilates is more than a fitness craze or a way to get a fantastic Pilates body; it’s also an excellent way to improve your health and keep you strong and capable no matter your age.… Read the rest

How to Fix Posture with Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercise with many proven benefits. One of these is improvement of posture. Slouching and poor posture are unfortunate consequences of modern life, with all the time we spend at desks and hunched over mobile devices.… Read the rest

How Much do Pilates Classes Cost?

Pilates classes are becoming a popular form of exercise because it is a minimal-impact exercise that works the whole body, and people of all ages can enjoy it. However, whether you take private lessons or a group class at a studio, Pilates classes tend to cost more than other types of exercise classes, and private and semi-private lessons are more expensive than taking group classes.… Read the rest

Types of Pilates Reformer

Joseph Pilates, the creator of the exercise practice, also invented equipment. The reformer is a basic tool for doing Pilates. It includes a narrow frame, a moving carriage, and springs and ropes for tension and resistance. You don’t need a reformer to do Pilates, but it’s a useful tool that allows for a greater variety of exercises and more challenging movements.… Read the rest

What Should You Bring to a Pilates Class?

Shoes, socks, pants, tops? If you’ve never been to a Pilates class before you might not be sure what to bring. Our short guide will help you turn up like a boss. Pilates is an older exercise that has become a contemporary trend.… Read the rest

What is a Pilates Reformer?

The Pilates reformer is a piece of equipment used to build strength, flexibility, and proper joint and spine alignment. The Pilates method of exercising has a lot of benefits, and it can be done on a mat with no equipment at all.… Read the rest