Circular Pilates by Joan Breibart

Perhaps because the Pilates Method encompasses so much material and is ancient relative to traditional fitness, some individuals feel that nothing in the Method needs to change. Maybe that’s why we framed Standing Pilates® as “What Joe would have done if he were alive,” when we launched a few years ago.… Read the rest

Bridging the Gap between Pilates and Fitness

June Kahn is one of the pioneers of the fitness industry. She began working in fitness when it first took off in the late 1970s, early 80s. She also is a trained dancer and Pilates instructor (PhysicalMind Institute) and has been instrumental in bridging the gap between fitness and Pilates.… Read the rest

Bootcamp Pilates for your Pilates Studio

Since Pilates was first introduced almost 100 years ago, different styles of this intriguing system of exercise have emerged. One of the most recent and controversial styles is Bootcamp Pilates. Frowned upon by many Pilates purists, Bootcamp Pilates may be seen as the anti-Pilates or as Peter Fiasca’s puts it, “…a mutation of Pilates”.… Read the rest

Ballet Pilates Fusion

This DVD has such a nice mix of Pilates and ballet that it made me miss my days in ballet class. I have thought about taking a ballet class for years and this DVD gave me the ballet discipline I was wanting.… Read the rest

10 Minute Solutions with Pilates on the Ball

DVD. She speaks clearly, gives great cues and has great form. Her instruction is easy to watch and enjoyable to do. The 55 minute DVD is great for Pilates instructors and enthusiasts. I enjoyed doing the DVD with Lara and came away with many new ideas for myself and my clients.… Read the rest