Best Suspension Trainer


Suspension trainers are used in the popular Pilates Suspension method predominantly but they can be used for other types of pilates also. Suspension Pilates is a combination of traditional mat pilates and a more contemporary version that uses props.

The great thing about this type of pilates is that you can practice at home by simply purchasing a suspension trainer. You can also incorporate suspension trainers into your regular pilates practice to make it more difficult and give your body more of a workout.

Below we look at the 6 best suspension trainers that can be used in pilates that are currently on the market.

6 Best Suspension Trainers

1. Best Budget: FITINDEX Resistance Trainer Kit 


If you want quality products that can suit a budget of less than $50 this FITINDEX kit is a great choice. Not only does it include suspension trainers, this twenty-two-piece kit also has storage bags, attachments, and more.

This portable kit is suitable for use for weights up to 400 pounds. It has been constructed from durable materials and features zinc alloy hardware, non-slip rubber handles, and adjustable novel nylon straps.

The resistance bands have been recently updated to be made from 100% natural latex making them stronger than previous designs. This equipment is marked with numbers making them easy to set up and use.

You can stack the bands to choose a resistance that suits you and your fitness.  The kit also comes with four foam handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor so it is ready to be used straight after delivery.


  • Affordable price
  • Recently updated design
  • Premium quality safety and durable materials
  • Multi-function use
  • Suitable for up to 400 pounds


  • Door anchor must be supported by a heavy, durable door

You can buy this suspension trainer on Amazon by clicking here or directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

2. Best For Small Spaces: Lifeline Jungle Gym XT


The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT kit is extremely compact yet reliable. It is a great choice for anyone who has limited space or those who are often traveling and have limited weight in their baggage.

Weighing just 1.31kg this kit has been designed to offer support to users, featuring ergonomic, non-slip handles for support and safety as well as safe, non-scuff Duro-Link anchor, and durable foot cradles.

The straps are industry standard and are a  split anchor design making it easy to adjust this kit while in use. The cinch loop is attached to a door anchor and the length can be adjusted using the inline buckles.

Upon purchasing, buyers will have access to an instruction video to learn how to set up and use this great piece of equipment. A wall chart is also provided as are workout ideas to suit a range of fitness levels.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Adjustable split anchor design and can be used in wide, neutral, and narrow angles
  • Designed to support users while also keeping them safe
  • Easy to use


  • Slightly expensive for essentially two straps and accessories

You can buy this suspension trainer on Amazon by clicking here or directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

3. Best Beginner: TRX Training Fit System


If you are just starting on your pilates journey, getting a beginner-friendly suspension trainer can be a great decision rather than investing in more kit and letting it go to waste if you decide you don’t enjoy pilates.

TRX Training makes incredible quality suspension trainers and this specially priced kit is designed for beginners. This kit is ultra-light and can be carried around in the mesh travel bag that comes in this kit.

Setting this trainer up takes seconds and can enable users to perform Pilates and other workouts. The straps feature a webbing design for extra strength and the padded handles make it easier to hold your body weight when using this trainer.

You can adjust the length easily and lock the strap in place using the barrel-lock adjusters. Set up the kit indoors using the door anchor or outdoors using the suspension anchor.


  • Special price bundle
  • Padded handles for extra support
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 12 months of free access to TRX Training Club Full Access
  • Free 30 Day Trial when purchased directly from TRX Training


  • Non-adjustable foot stirrups

You can buy this suspension trainer directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

4. Best Advanced: TRX Training Pro4 System


If you are looking for an industry tried and tested product that can support your advanced pilates training and workouts? The TRX Training Pro4 System is the newest addition to this brand’s incredible selection of suspension trainers.

You can choose to train indoors or outdoors with this top-quality kit. The kit comes with a door anchor, suspension anchor, as well as a mesh carry bag to bring your kit wherever you wish to train.

The kit also includes an Xtender making it easy to adjust this equipment to suit anyone. The D-ring sliding adjusters are designed for support and comfort and the locking loop keeps the straps even after adjusting.

Set this kit up in seconds and get training or enjoy a pilates session. Whatever you decide to use this kit for you will feel supported and get a great workout done.


  • Professional-grade products tried and tested by athletes
  • Adjustable cradles
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • 10-year warranty when purchased through the manufacturer’s official website
  • Free trial with access to TRX Training Club Full Access
  • Free 30 Day Trial when purchased directly from TRX Training


  • Need Allen wrench to lock carabiner

You can buy this suspension trainer directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

5. Best Heavy Weight: Bodytorc Suspension Trainer


Anyone looking for a heavy-duty suspension trainer that can easily support 400 pounds of bodyweight this suspension trainer from fitness brand Bodytorc has been designed specially to manage heavier weights.

The strapping features military-grade stitching and webbing to prevent wear and tear. There are also heavy-duty carabiners used to offer even more support when using this product. You can easily adjust the strap using the numbered markings on the straps.

If you find that you lack support and comfort using suspension trainers you will be pleasantly surprised with the comfortable, versatile, and supportive straps that come with this product. All handles, including foot slings, have been designed to provide ergonomic support that is often lacking in V-shaped trainers.

This suspension trainer is also very versatile as the handles are removable, meaning you can attach other equipment, such as Olympic rings to add even more challenge to your pilates or general workout.


  • Heavy-duty and designed to support heavier weights
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Ergonomic support
  • Access to an online archive of exercises and stretches
  • Supports 400 pounds of bodyweight


  • Ceiling anchor is sold separately

You can buy this suspension trainer on Amazon by clicking here or directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

6. Best Overall: The Human Trainer Suspension Bands Trainer Kit


We have chosen The Human Trainer Suspension Bands Trainer Kit as our overall best suspension trainer. This kit includes top-quality straps and many additional accessories making this a great purchase for different levels of fitness and weights.

Choose to set up this equipment indoors or outdoors. With easily adjustable carabiners placed along the strap at regular intervals, this equipment can support you in any environment.

The rubber handles make it comfortable to grip during a workout and also provide grip when used as a foot cradle. The kit is very versatile and can be used by anyone, no matter what your fitness level is.

This kit is a particularly great choice for beginners as it comes with a circuit training DVD as well as sample exercises to help users become familiar with this equipment. This additional support can be very useful when using a suspension trainer for the first time.

The Human Trainer brand has an extensive range of different types of handles and other accessories for sale and so adding additional features to your kit is easily done but shopping their online store, linked here.


  • Different types of door anchors to suit different needs
  • Very versatile kit
  • Circuit Training DVD gifted upon purchase
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Expensive and may not be affordable for some

You can buy this suspension trainer directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.

Buyers Guide

To find the best suspension trainer for you it is important that you know what to look out for. Here is our buyer’s guide to help you find the best product for you.

Materials Used 

Always consider what materials have been used to make a suspension band. Some materials will be more durable than others, for example, 100% natural latex is a very good material that is often used to make great quality suspension trainers.

Also consider what materials the handles are made of, if they are constructed from plastic and don’t have a rubber coating or foamy grip then they will be uncomfortable to hold and could put extra pressure on your hands.

You will be able to find out what materials were used to create the suspension trainer on the manufacturer’s website or on the sale tags on physical products.

Safety Features 

Safety features are very important when looking to purchase any type of fitness equipment.

With a suspension trainer, you are often placing your whole body weight into movements and you need the assurance that the straps will not snap mid-movement causing you to fall and injure yourself.

Always check the type of anchor provided, the types of clasps used, and any other features that are said to be for the user’s safety.

You should be able to trust your equipment if you don’t you will be tense which can cause even more damage should you fall.

It is also worth checking what environment a suspension trainer is suited to. Some can be used both indoors and outdoors but may have different anchors depending on the environment.

If it is not specified if a suspension trainer can be used both indoors and outdoors it is best to avoid attempting to try it outdoors to avoid injury.

Weight Capacity 

Always make sure that the suspension trainer you are looking at will be able to support your body weight. Most suspension trainers can support up to 300 pounds and a select number can support up to 400 pounds.

It is also important to ensure you have a sturdy door that the suspension trainer can be safely attached to and that will also be able to support your body weight when the suspension trainer is in use.

Heavy, wooden doors are usually the best type of door to use. If the doors in your property are hollow it may be best to use the front door as these are often the heaviest doors in any property for safety reasons.

If you don’t have a suitable door we recommend looking at purchasing a suspension trainer that can be used outdoors.

Experience Level 

If you are new to pilates it can be beneficial to get a suspension trainer that comes with instructions for use as well as workout ideas so that you can get used to the equipment outside of class time.

If you are more advanced then you will be able to know exactly what you want and turning to professional brands, such as TRX Training will help you to get the best products to support your ability and training.

If you are unsure what to buy you can always speak to your Pilates trainer to find out what product they would recommend that would be a good match with your experience level.

Additional Requirements 

Suspension trainers can be sold separately or in kits. Often the kits may seem expensive in comparison to the cost of purchasing just the straps.

When you purchase the straps individually you then need to purchase all additional accessories needed for safe use, such as door anchors, handles, foot straps, and more.

Always consider what needs to be purchased separately from a kit and then check how much it will be to get this item before purchasing anything to ensure the total cost is still affordable for you.


There is a huge amount of competition within the suspension trainer market, which is great for consumers as it means there are a lot of choices and different products are suited to different budgets and price points.

You should never go over your budget without ensuring that you absolutely need to. Shopping around can often help you to find the best price for a certain product.

Amazon often has discounts on products and when you purchase directly from the manufacturer you may get access to special products, extra products, product warranties, and more.

Once you find a product, shop around and then get it from whatever shop is offering the best price but also the best deal, such as free shipping.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found a great product to suit you and your budget from our list of the best suspension trainers currently on the market. Each product was carefully selected having met our criteria of being well priced, of good quality, and with great honest reviews.

If you are still looking for the right suspension trainer for you, don’t forget to reference our buyer’s guide to find the best product for you. Have you still got questions? Check out our frequently asked questions section below to find out more about suspension trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Type Of Pilates Uses Suspension Trainers?

There are many different types of pilates that incorporate different props. Both regular pilates and suspension pilates utilize suspension trainers. Suspension pilates is a new style of pilates that uses mats and suspension trainers to perform Pilates exercises.

Many people find pilates classes that utilize props to be a better workout for the body and that is why suspension pilates continues to grow in popularity.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Suspension Training?

Suspension training is a great way to engage the whole body when working out or practicing pilates. Suspension trainers enable you to improve your flexibility as well as strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Suspension trainers are portable and easy to use and can be used from the comfort of your own home or a hotel room. Many people who start suspension training fall in love with this type of workout as physical changes can be noticed within weeks.

3. What Is The Difference Between Suspension Trainers And TRX Suspension Trainers?

There is no difference between these types of suspension trainers, they are the same type of equipment. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, which is the type of training that is done when using a suspension trainer.

You can use regular suspension trainers or TRX suspension trainers in your pilates practice and your weekly fitness regime.