Correcting Forward Head Posture Through the Use of Pilates

Now more than ever, people are spending an extraordinary amount of time seated in front of various screens—from your computer at work to your phone, tablet and television at home, this sedentary lifestyle is putting a strain on our bodies in ways the human body wasn’t built to deal with.… Read the rest

Is Reformer Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

When Joseph Pilates invented his system of exercises, he focused on a holistic approach that would provide balance to the entire body. Using whatever was at his disposal, including bed springs, beer barrels and chairs, he honed his techniques to create a well-rounded approach to fitness, including weight loss.… Read the rest

Pilates Reformer Exercises for a Healthier You

The term reformer Pilates may be giving you some serious 80’s revival vibes, but according to fashion and the copious amounts of tie dye out there, the 80’s is back in a big way, and so is the reformer.… Read the rest

How Pilates Enables You Stay Active all Day

Move it or lose it, as they say, has more truth than many people realize. Have you ever noticed that the less you do, the less you want to do? So, it would stand to reason that as you gradually increase your activity level, the more you will want to and in turn the more you will be able to be active.… Read the rest

Mental Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is known as a strength and flexibility workout, but not everyone realizes the important mental health benefits. A regular practice of Pilates can boost mood, improve emotional control and even build up the functioning of the nervous system.… Read the rest

Interview with Alison Bodi from Peak Pilates

Like many of us in the Pilates industry, Alison Bodi is driven by an intense passion for doing what she loves. The impact she has on other people’s lives motivates her and the energy she receives from teaching Pilates professionals recharges her.… Read the rest