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Year in Review: 2008 and the Future

Pilates in ReviewHappy New Year to the entire Pilates Digest community!  We are looking forward to an exciting year at Pilates Digest.  Since our launch in 2008, we have had an unbelievable response from our subscribers and contributors.

Popular Pilates Articles from 2008

If you are just joining us and you missed 2008, here are some of the most popular articles from last year:

Looking Forward to 2009

We want to hear from you this year.  What was your favorite conference of 2008 and why?  Did you find a workshop that was unbelievable?  Post either events for free in our new Conference and Workshop Calendars.

If you haven’t visited the Community Forum, please check in.  There have been interesting discussions in our new community.  Check out some of the popular discussions on Breathing and Scoliosis.

Last year was a tough year for many of us and we should all be hopeful for a successful, exciting and productive 2009!  Set your goals and work hard.  There is a great article in the Pilates Style, January/February 2009 Issue on the Top Five Business Tips of 2008, plus it is their Annual Resource Guide where you can grab some great information. This is the time to plan ahead for a prosperous 2009. This will be a great year for learning and discovering new ideas for your Studio and clients.  Join us for the journey!

This year will bring more reviews of products in the industry including DVD’s, books equipment and accessories.  Interviews with Kathy Corey of West Coast Pilates and Rael Isacowitz of Body Arts and Science International will publish in the next two months.  Monthly Pilates exercise videos and more sport-specific, business and instructional articles are coming all year.

There will also be more exciting articles from our current contributors and we are ready to hear from those contributors new to our team as well.  Please contact us if you have a specialty you would like to publish on Pilates Digest.

Specialized Program for Pilates Instructors

We are excited to announce the launched of our first in a series of Pilates specialty programs, Pilates Mat Program for Osteoporosis Clients.  Look for more programs to come in 2009 to help you and your clients.

Be a part of the Pilates Digest community in 2009.  You don’t want to miss anything in the year ahead!

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