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Why do Retail in your Pilates Studio?

Pilates ApparelSpring has definitely sprung, and it is the perfect time to add a little zest into your studio. With all of the freshness and passion for life that spring inspires, one great way to enliven your business is with the addition of retail. Fun, sporty fashion lines representing Pilates are making their way into fitness centers across the country, with most being small companies willing to work with lower purchase minimums and smaller studios.

The reasons to include retail in your studio are countless and varied, although many studio owners fear that incorporating retail may interfere with the running of their business. To the contrary, retail can bolster your business and give owners the financial push they need in order to take their center to the next level.

The Pilates community is a proud one, and most of your clients would love to wear fashionable gear that proclaims their love for the discipline. Adding your logo to retail pieces can serve double duty as both advertising for your studio and uniforms for instructors – and what better way to garner new clients than to show off those well-formed figures in your studios’ colors? In addition to turning a direct prophet from your retail venture, selling well-fitting Pilates wear allows instructors to more clearly see the line of the body during a session; for your clients this means a better workout and, for you, this means more satisfied clients.

The response I get from wholesale clients who have made the leap to selling retail in their studios is overwhelmingly positive; not only are they pleased with the results, but their clientele has come to enjoy the fashionable designs and functionality of the clothing. Even if you have limited space, creatively displaying even a few retail items can do wonders for any size studio. Find a line that represents your studio’s style, keeping your client base in mind, and I’m positive that you’ll will have no regrets about finding a place for retail in your business.

By · Posted on May 20, 2008 · Topic Business

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