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Upcoming Interview and New Pilates Exercise Video

Upcoming Interview and New Pilates Exercise VideoWell the dog days of summer are setting in, especially in Central Florida where it feels like it’s a 110º in the shade. Summer officially starts on the 21st of June but it seems like we’re already deep into the heat. Kids are finishing out their year of school and many parents are in a quandary about how to keep them busy! How many days until school starts?!

Summer brings about thoughts of vacations, maybe taking a trip to the beach or hanging out by the pool. Or, possibly visiting another town or country is in the near future. Whatever your summer plans hold for you, be sure to keep checking in with us for upcoming feature stories.

We have an interesting interview with Joan Briebart of The PhysicalMind Institute who discusses a new twist with Standing Pilates as well as PMIs newest course offerings. Also, we posted our most recent video called lateral flexion side leg exercise. As always, you’ll find great information for you to use in your practice or with clients.

Have a safe and wonderful summer! The Pilates Digest Team.

By · Posted on June 5, 2008 · Topic News

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