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Pilates Transformation Package

Introducing the Transformation Package . . . sell more sessions, make it affordable for clients. Where there is struggle, there is also opportunity.  Today’s economic climate leaves many studio owners struggling with their businesses and many clients and potential clients struggling with their fitness programs. Unique challenges call for unique strategies yet we can seize the moment!

Here’s a new idea that may turn your world upside down. Have you ever considered offering all of your different classes for one price?  For example, a reformer class would be the same price as a mat, same price as a chair or tower class.  What about tying this class idea into a program that offers a complete solution to clients struggling in reaching their fitness goals? Offering this “Transformation package” might just be the thing that could bring you and your clients GOOD FORTUNE.  The details are listed below.  The keys to making this a success and selling it is to make it all about the needs of your (potential) client.  They will want affordability, results driven progress with (this is the icing on the cake) a100% satisfaction guarantee.

Transformation package details

  • 30 sessions (8 privates, 22 classes . . . any scheduled classes) over a period of 3 months.  The client’s goal is to attend 3 times per week.  They receive before and after pictures, nutritional consultations (2 separate 30 minute sessions) and $25 off their next package when they refer a friend who also buys a transformation package.
  • First begin with the consultation.  Get to know the client’s specific needs and goals. Let them know how you can help them build awareness and control in their body.
  • The first 3 sessions of the package are private training (to get the fundamentals down or work on progressing them further if they have been a client for 20+ sessions. We can always review the basics!)
  • After their private training, the instructor guides them to the classes which would be best for them.  The client signs up for at least their next 5 classes then layers in a private class when they feel like they want/need one or when the class instructor notices that they could use some review.
  • If they consistently come 3 times per week over the course of 12 week period they receive 36 sessions, a 6 class BONUS!  Let them know they are rewarded for being consistent and it doesn’t cost you any money.
  • This package is on a payment plan. They are obligated to completing the 30 sessions and paying one time a month (3 total times) on a determined day each month.  The probable median price range is about $200- $260/month.  This is an easy way to space out their financial commitment, yet make them obligated to you for 30 sessions where you know they WILL see a whole new body!
  • What if the interested client wants to do the Transformation package but the class times that are available just don’t work for their schedule?  Get them to find 4 friends and then they can create 3 classes a week.  Offer it to other students to, on a wait list basis if needed.

The important factors

  1. There has to be at least a minimum of two people per class signed up 24 hours in advance or the class is canceled.  This covers the cost of your instructor.
  2. The other thing is that this package invites referrals and the word spreads like wildfire!  Not only do you have some great marketing pieces 30 days after you begin to offer this package, (based on the testimonial before and after pictures) but you have happy mouths talking up their experience. The transformation package is an EXPERIENCE!  You get to walk them through their lifestyle habits and how they can make better choices (either with food or daily activities.) You can help clients become more aware of their bodies and all of this useful knowledge translates into confidence.

Have a make-over party after 45 days of offering the Transformation Package and ask clients who are on the package or who have just completed it to bring 3 friends to ensure they receive $25 off their next package. Offer wine, have some Triscuit crackers and a cheese & fruit plate to nibble on. You’ll be so satisfied at their results, the clients will have fun through their journey (choosing their classes ahead of time and when they want/need private training) and you’ll be sitting pretty with more cash flow in your pockets!

If you have further questions about the Transformation Package, please submit a contact form on (Website coming soon) and Alison will be happy to personally answer your questions.  Pilates Business Resource’s (PBR) online monthly subscription empowers instructors, energizes start-ups and current studios, eliminates industry secrets and gets Pilates back to the basics.  This service will be available September 2009.

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2 Responses to “Pilates Transformation Package”

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    […] I try to keep the studio bustling as often during the day as possible, offering surfers who are hanging out near the studio to try this or that stretch or allow them some time to play with the “toys” . . . foam roll those IT bands!!! This makes it attractive and less intimidating for those wanting to express their curiosity. […]

  2. Jennifer Speirs on March 4th, 2014 10:09 pm

    I have a studio in Costa RIca and would love to contact Alison Bodi about growing my business and possibly asking her to host an intensive workshop for surfers to our local community. I haven’t had any luck finding her contact information. I tried and my email was returned…….

    thanks for your time and any help, Jenny

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