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Pilates for Golfers manual for Pilates instructors

Pilates for Golfers manual for Pilates instructorsPilates Digest releases the first in a series of specialized golf fitness programs for Pilates instructors.  The Pilates for Golfers manual is a step-by-step guide to identify and correct golf swing faults using the Pilates Method.  It is 140 pages filled with golf fitness information to assess your golf clients, identify their swing faults and detailed Pilates exercises for golf that will correct the swing faults.

Pilates for Golfers [1] is a program for Pilates professionals. Golf clients have different needs which are specific to their own swing faults and body issues.  As a trainer with golf-specific knowledge, you can help your golf clients improve their game while decreasing their risk of injury.  Additionally they will be able to play longer and without the pain that affects many golfers.

This program will increase your knowledge regarding clients who enjoy playing golf and increase business opportunities as you capitalize on a unique market segment. Golfers are a niche market that can help increase your client base and revenue stream.

When purchasing the program, you will also receive bonuses including Pre-Round Stretches and a Golf Fitness Assessment Scoring Sheet to aid in your programming for golfers.  Get the complete program today! [1]