Pilates Mat Program for Osteoporosis Clients

Pilates Mat Program
for Osteoporosis Clients

Guidelines and exercises for the Pilates professional and how they can help clients who suffer with Osteoporosis.

Pilates Mat Program for Osteoporosis Clients is designed for Pilates professionals. This program helps Pilates Instructors with clients who suffer from the condition, provides guidelines about what they can and cannot do along with Pilates exercises that are beneficial.

Beth Begelman of Pilates Digest

About the author

Beth Begelman is a personal trainer, Pilates and golf fitness professional. She is the co-founder of Pilates Digest.

Standing Pilates Program for Osteoporosis Clients bonus program


Receive a 13 page special bonus program with Standing Pilates exercises.

Standing Pilates Program for Osteoporosis Clients

About this Pilates Program

This is an information-filled program that actually addresses osteoporosis, the risk factors, which exercises are contraindicated for this condition and gives you a series of mat exercises to do with your clients. As with many medical conditions, Pilates is very beneficial, but you always need to be educated as to what you can and can not do with your clients. If you want your clients with osteoporosis to feel stronger in a safe and effective program, with exercises that can be done anywhere, this program is for you!

Why You Should Buy this Pilates Program?

  • Your clients will be stronger
  • You will feel comfortable knowing what not to do with your clients
  • You will understand your client’s condition better
  • You will strengthen your client’s back
  • You will improve your client’s core strength and balance
  • You will better understand who is at risk for osteoporosis
  • You can do these exercises anywhere
  • You do not need large equipment
  • You will completely understand these basic exercises
  • You can add standing Pilates exercises to your Pilates program

What Other People are Saying

Beth Begelman’s Pilates Mat Program for Osteoporosis Clients: Guidelines and Exercises for the Pilates Professional and Standing Pilates Program for Osteoporosis Clients together offer a clear and concise guide to osteoporosis specific strengthening exercises for Pilates teachers. The photos are clear, the instructions easy to understand, and the brief explanation of this insidious bone depleting disease will help Pilates teachers understand what their clients are experiencing. Books like this are very important given the rising numbers of women (and men) with low bone density. Plus, so many traditional Pilates mat exercises are in forward thoracic flexion that it is crucial to have guides like this before moving forward with mat training for osteoporotic clients. With a total of 35 exercises there is enough material here for a creative instructor to put together challenging yet safe workouts for anyone with low bone density. Highly recommended!

Lynda Lippin, Pilates Goddess
Rehabilitative Pilates and Fitness Teacher

The new programs from PilatesDigest, Pilates Mat Program for Osteoporosis Clients and Standing Pilates Program for Osteoporosis Clients are a wonderful new resource for Pilates Mat teachers. All of the information, from the definition of the disease and its risk factors to the exercise programs, is described very clearly. I particularly like the way each exercise is presented: clear photographs along with an excellent description of the exercise including the focus, purpose, instruction and modifications for each one. These books show that clients with osteoporosis can enjoy a safe and challenging Pilates Mat Workout that can improve bone density and balance!

Madeline Parrish, PILATES 72, LLC
Richmond, VA

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Osteoporosis?
  3. The Mat Work Exercises
    • 1a. Breast Stroke Prep – Level 1
    • 1b. Breast Stroke Prep – Level 2
    • 1c. Breast Stroke Prep – Level 3
    • 2. Breast Stroke
    • 3. Hundred (without thoracic flexion)
    • 4. Single Leg Circle (without thoracic flexion)
    • 5. Single Leg Stretch (without thoracic flexion)
    • 6. Double Leg Stretch (without thoracic flexion)
    • 7. Scissors (without thoracic flexion)
    • 8. Neutral Shoulder Bridge
    • 9. Heel Squeeze Prone
    • 10. One Leg Kick
    • 11. Double Leg Kick
    • 12a. Side Leg Series – Top Leg Abduction
    • 12b. Side Leg Series – Leg Circles
    • … and more