Pilates for Golfers

Pilates for Golfers

The Pilates instructor manual to identify and correct
golf swing faults using the Pilates Method.

Pilates for Golfers is a step-by-step guide to identify and correct golf swing faults using the Pilates Method. It is 140 pages filled with golf fitness information to assess your golf clients, identify their swing faults and detailed Pilates exercises for golf that will correct the swing faults. This information is essential for this niche market that can help increase your client base and revenue stream.

Beth Begelman of Pilates DigestKelley Ranaudo of Pilates Digest

About the Authors

Beth and Kelley have over 26 years combined experience in the fitness industry. Both hold
certifications in Pilates and from the Titleist Peformance Institute. Read more …

Pilates for Golfers bonuses


Receive special bonuses with the purchase of Pilates for Golfers manual.

Bonus #1: Pre-Round Stretches, a 6 page resource for you and your golf clients.

Pilates for Golfers Pre-Round Stretches

Bonus #2: Golf Fitness Assessment Scoring Sheet use to aid in the assessment of each individual golfer.

Golf Fitness Assessment Scoring Sheet

Improve your client’s golf game with Pilates

If you are looking for reliable information when working with golfers, this unbelievable manual actually addresses the specific swing faults golfers experience. With the help of some basic screenings and essential exercises, you can drastically improve your client’s golf game and extend their years of playing golf. Pilates gives golfers balance, core stability, hip stability, flexibility, strength, increased range-of-motion, mind/body connection and effective breathing techniques. If you want to improve your client’s golf game, with some basic exercises that can be done anywhere, this series is for you!

How will this manual help your golf clients?

  • You can extend the years your client will be playing golf
  • Your client will hit the ball farther
  • Your client will hit the ball straighter
  • Your client will feel better after a round of golf
  • You will strengthen your client’s back
  • You will understand how the exercises relate directly to specific swing faults
  • These exercises can be done anywhere
  • You do not need large equipment
  • These basic exercises are easy to understand

Designed for Pilates instructors and includes:

  • Over 140 pages of solid content
  • Detailed descriptions and pictures of golf swing faults and causes
  • Specific instructions to determine your client’s swing fault
  • Warm-up exercises for each swing fault
  • 6 – 12 mat exercises for each swing fault
  • Pictures and step-by-step instructions for each exercise
  • Help your client hit the ball farther, straighter and feel better after every round of golf

What other people are saying

Deb PreachukPilates has become a premier training methodology of choice for top golfers, and golfers of all ages and experience can gain the benefits of Pilates instruction. Instructors certified in the Pilates Method may have a lack of working knowledge of the game or its physical demands on the body to accurately design a specific training program to meet the needs of the client. This is where the Pilates for Golfers Manual offers an affordable and convenient way for certified Pilates Instructors to train and educate a growing client market, the Golfer.

Beth Begelman and Kelley Ranaudo have compiled a succinct educational manual for the Pilates Instructor. Pilates for Golfers is a true step-by-step guide for the Pilates Instructor. The manual describes how Pilates concepts are a perfect match to the unique combination of mental and physical needs of the game of golf. The manual includes pre-round stretches and a golf fitness assessment form for the instructor to aid in evaluating progress from training. Most beneficial however, are the chapters on the 12 most common swing faults found in the game of golf and how specific Pilates exercises address each of these. Beth and Kelley have designed a specific training program for each of these 12 major swing faults as a template to work and build from with your Golf clients.

The body is the best piece of equipment a golfer can bring to the game. The Pilates for Golfers manual is the best piece of equipment a Pilates instructor can bring to the golf client. A phenomenal value for the money, I can’t recommend the manual enough!

Deb Preachuk, Pilates Integration

Lynda LippinWhile there are several books, dvds, and Pilates teacher training courses geared towards Pilates for Golfers, to my mind nobody has yet come up with a clear, easy to understand book for PILATES TEACHERS that explains the golf game and swing faults in enough detail to allow any Pilates teacher to address strength and flexibility imbalances that are affecting their golfer clients’ game.

Pilates for Golfers is a brilliant guide not only for Pilates teachers but for any personal trainer who really wants to understand the physical game of golf and how to correct swing faults and other imbalances.

Lynda Lippin, Pilates Goddess

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Table of contents

  1. Disclaimer
  2. About the Authors
  3. About Pilates Digest
  4. Introduction
  5. Why is Pilates Beneficial for Golfers?
  6. Terms Defined
  7. What are the Major Swing Faults?
    • S-Posture
    • C-Posture
    • Loss of Posture
    • Loss of Posture (Flat Shoulder Plane)
    • Loss of Posture (Early Extension)
    • Over-the-Top
    • Sway
    • Slide
    • Reverse Spine Angle
    • Hanging Back
    • Casting/Early Release/Scooping
    • Chicken Winging
  8. How to determine Swing Faults
  9. Golf Fitness Assessments
  10. Golf Fitness Evaluation
    • How to Perform the Assessments
    • Postural Assessment: Standing
    • Postural Assessment: Golf Posture
    • Pelvic Tilt Test
    • Deep Squat Test
    • Toe Touch Test
    • … and more