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Interview with Erin Douglass of we Pilates

Interview with Erin Douglass of we PilatesBe Balanced…Be Mindful…Be Beautiful… This was Erin Douglass’s first phrase created for her we pilates clothing line as she sat on a beach sketching designs dreaming of leaving her successful career in software sales to start her own apparel company. This is also a description of her outlook on life. She juggles her company, family, children, Pilates sessions, tradeshows and seems to love every bit of it. She won’t say it is easy, she says you just do it. She has found her passion and balances it with her lifestyle and family.

Her love of fashion and design started a long time ago when she designed her own prom dress and tagged along with her father, who was in the business. Rather than follow the creative track through college, she took the safe route with a business degree, and became very successful in her career.

She crossed paths with Pilates over 10 years ago and was hooked. She says she is an addict and absolutely loves her three sessions each week. She enjoys group and private sessions, and loves the Hundred and the Teaser, because they always challenge her. With Pilates as a big part of her busy life, Erin realized that there was a need for a clothing line to wear as a “way of life” and not just to Pilates and Yoga. Her creative line of clothing takes you from home to class and around town while being comfortable and feeling good. The colors are warm and vibrant, while the styles are modern and fashionable. Once you have one piece, you want more. You just feel good wearing them.

Erin’s existing clients are very important to her and she focuses on them first. She believes that if she always takes care of her base of clients, more clients will come. The support from her clients has been overwhelming and the positive feedback she receives from them on the clothing line is amazing.

Her company will be two years old this summer and we pilates has over 100 wholesale clients. Several of her phrases are trademarked and she sells all over the country and to studios in Kuwait, UK, Australia and Singapore. Now we pilates is manufacturing almost the entire clothing line in the United States and using Supima cotton, which is the “world’s finest cotton”. Erin has been researching and working since the summer of 2007 to make this happen. Through the long process, Erin knew it was very important for we pilates to stay true to their price point and quality. This has been a huge transition, but well worth the outcome with more designs and colors. This is exciting news for we pilates in 2008!

Erin is thankful for her flexible schedule and the opportunity to pick her son up from school, spend time with him and still run a growing company. Her priority is her family, but she feels that she is a better mother by having something of her own. She enjoys golf, tennis, skiing and peace and quiet. She tries not to work on weekends and loves to travel with her family. As she says herself, she found her passion and went for it. She is a busy mom, business owner, wife and Pilates enthusiast and is enjoying life!

{ Inside Scoop }
Erin Douglass
, Owner of we pilates
Born: Saratoga Springs, New York
Current Residence: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Book just finished: Mary Mary, by James Patterson
Currently reading: Make the Right Choice, by Joel Zeff
Favorite CD: Coco, by Colbie Caillat
TV Show: The Big Idea, Donnie Deutsch

By · Posted on February 14, 2008 · Topic Industry Insider

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