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“In the Know” in the Pilates industry

What is going on in the Pilates industry? Better yet…what is NOT going on in the Pilates industry? Our industry is exploding and we want to keep you “in the know”.

If you are in the sports arena and you haven’t tried Pilates, chances are, you have thought about it. Pilates is the missing piece to many sports enthusiasts programs. I have come across many Pilates websites geared to one specific sport including tennis, horseback riding, kayaking, golf and more. It is exciting and we are working to bring you more of this exciting training information. Hear it from those in the industry who are already practicing what works.

I recently wrote about golf and Pilates for Pilates Digest and the March 2008 issue of Golf Fitness Magazine. We would love to hear from you if you are working with athletes. Keep us “in the know”.

Stay tuned for more and more up-to-date industry info!

Enjoy Today!
Kelley Ranaudo

By · Posted on March 20, 2008 · Topic News

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One Response to ““In the Know” in the Pilates industry”

  1. Michelle on July 24th, 2008 7:40 am

    Kelly, I am working with World Cup Class Skiers and US Ski Team members in Park City, Utah “lucky live Park City”. Most of my clientele undergo several injuries at young ages yet continue to perform at such high levels. I am challenged and in awe daily by witnessing what their bodies must be prepared for and succumb to when falls do occur (rotation, lateral flexion, extension, core stability and overall sense of balance and control are huge for them) These “kids” have so much body knowledge and undergo so much strength training that sometimes I wonder if they feel that Pilates is powerful enough. Because Pilates is so different than weight training and extreme cardio this is creates a challenge for me, which I thrive upon to grow and do more with my base skills. As we all know, developing new angles and research to take us to the next level to better help clients is what makes us tick. I would enjoy networking with those who also work with this caliber of athelete so we can share and grow together. Keep up the good work benefiting the rest of us! – Michelle

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