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Holiday Gift Guide

The best holiday gift is still the Gift of Health which can be given in many ways.   These days there are more creative ideas for fitness gifts than you can imagine.   Think about the people you love and how they would enjoy these fun, fitness ideas this holiday season! 

Find a Pilates classThe best gift is the actual gift of Pilates…a Gift Certificate or package of sessions. Find your local Pilates Studio and give what everyone would enjoy and definitely benefit from!

Merrithew Health & Fitness DVDs
At Home DVDs a great way to get someone started with Pilates!
Pilates iPhone CasePilates iPhone Case $25.00. This is a trendy, fun cover for your iPhone!
Pilates Warrior MugPilates Warrior Coffee Mug $15.00. A unique Pilates mug for those coffee junkies!
Workout Girl Personalized Water BottlePersonalized Water Bottle for Ladies $16.95. A fun and personal way to carry your water wherever you go!
Strong and Healthy Back DVD Two-PackStrong & Healthy Back DVD 2 Pack $14.96. Most all of us could use this!
Pilates Equipment for your FeetJoe’s Toe Gizmo® $80. Now here is a unique and different gift for those that need help with bunions, it corrects toe misalignments, strengthens feet, and improves balance and gait. Check it out!
Pilates Pro at Home Series Pilates Pro at Home DVD Series $19.95 each. Master trainer Elizabeth Larkam’s expertise guides viewers with calm, detailed and carefully paced instruction for the intermediate to advanced, and all are suitable for healthy individuals with previous Pilates experience not required.

We wish you and yours a safe and healthy holiday! Please send us any ideas you have for fun, healthy fitness gifts this year!

By · Posted on November 20, 2011 · Topic News

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