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Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to be healthy and fit! Give the gift of Pilates to your clients, coworkers, employees, family and friends! There are many options to choose from and everyone can benefit. Before you head to the mall, add Pilates to your Christmas list. Below are Pilates gifts for everyone’s price range of under $100. Check out some of the items we found when we asked around.


STOTT PILATES Toning BallToning Ball
The Toning Ball can be easily adapted into anyone’s mat routine for added resistance, proprioceptive feedback and awareness of shoulder girdle stability. They range in weight from 1lb-3lb. Great for anyone on your list.  $10.95-$12.95 each
STOTT PILATES Stability Ball Challenge DVDStability Ball Challenge DVD
This is an advanced DVD challenging upper body strength, core stability, balance and control. This is a great gift for employees and advanced clients!  $14.95
Stott Pilates Mini Flex-Ball Power PackMini Flex-Ball Power Pack
This kit includes the 7-inch Mini Flex-ball, Mini Flex-Ball Workout DVD, and bonus Easy Start Poster. Another great gift for clients and friends!  $19.99
STOTT PILATES Flex Band Handles Gift PackFlex-Band® Handles Power Pack
This is suitable for everyone for a variety of fitness exercises. The kit includes 1 pair of black Flex-Band handles, 1 regular strength flex-band (green), and Easy Start poster and the new Intense Sculpting Challenge DVD. Great for clients and friends!  $29.99
Stott Pilates Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Eco-Friendly Mat
100% recyclable and biodegradable, this mat comes in two/color combinations for Pilates and yoga enthusiasts. The mango/watermelon is a fun and refreshing colored mat!  $43.95
Pilates for Golf Power PackPilates for Golf Power Pack
This kit for golf enthusiasts includes a Pilates Express™ Mat, Pilates on the Green DVD, Level 1 and 2, and a water resistant carry-along exercise guide. Great for the golfer!  $59.99

Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates Power CirclesPower Circles
The spring-steel resistance of the Power Circle quickly reforms rebellious zones — inner/outer thighs, buttocks, arms, the core and more. Peak offers three band or four band, spring-steel, rustproof-coated with contoured latex-free grips.
14” diameter  $29.95-$34.95

Peak Pilates Sandbag SetSandbag Set
Designed to improve wrist and hand articulation, while strengthening the core. Good for carpal tunnel and other wrist problems. Adjustable weight, individual 1lb. sandbags allow you to add or subtract weight as necessary. Includes: Nylon bag, lacquered wood handle, satin cord and three 1lb. sandbags.  $79.00
Peak Pilates Dynamic Mat Workout DVDPeak Pilates Dynamic Mat Workout DVD
This is cross-conditioning at its best. Rhythmic, flowing and focused, it connects one movement to the next, building greater endurance, flexibility, strength and performance. Initially designed for those in the Peak Pilates education programs, this DVD is now available to everyone in order to experience the flow, energy, and rhythm that distinguishes Classical Pilates from other approaches.  $20.95
MVe Energize Reformer DVDMVe Energize Reformer DVD
Kick up your energy level with this hot new MVe Fitness Reformer workout! Feel the beat and move rhythmically through a workout designed to improve not only your flexibility, core strength and body awareness but will also tone up your entire body.  $19.95
Peak Pilates ApparelPeak Pilates Apparel
From pants to jackets to tanks, this stylish apparel makes great gifts for your fitness friends!
Balanced Body also has great gift options! Check these out.  $35.00-$50.00

Balanced Body

Balanced Body Pilates T-ShirtPilates T-Shirt
The Pilates three-quarter length t-shirt is a stretchy, feminine top made of 100 percent sheer jersey cotton. The fabric is combed for softness and comfort and perfect for layering. The navy shirt has rough-edged boat necking, a non-binding Merrow-T stitching and white “pi-lä-tez” lettering across the front. Available in sizes small through extra large.  $24.50

Balanced Body Ultra-Fit CircleThe Ultra-Fit Circle
The Ultra-Fit Circle is a circular body-toning device designed for total-body conditioning that enables users to gain the benefits of Pilates without using traditional equipment.  The 14″ Ultra-Fit Circle weighs just 10 oz. and is small enough to slip under the couch for storage or into a carry-on bag when traveling.  The Ultra-Fit Circle is a thoughtful gift for Pilates experts and novices alike. Those who have never tried Pilates will learn to use the Ultra-Fit with the included 15-minute training video from Pilates expert Shelly Power.  $34.00

PhysicalMind Institute

Tye4 and Standing Pilates DVD Tye4 and Standing Pilates DVD
The Tye4 harness will help anyone find connection when doing mat or Standing exercises. Great for golfers, dancers, or anyone!  $49.95

Anatomy of Pilates ManualAnatomy of Pilates Manual
Finally, an anatomy textbook that is just for Pilates practitioners! Now you can easily learn what you need to be able to teach this great Method. Clear anatomical drawings that relate to our specific exercises, with definitions of muscles and how they work and where they attach. Muscle recruitment is explained for each exercise.  $40.00
Pilates Protocols ManualPilates Protocols Manual
This is the manual for our Concentration 301 course. The book is organzed into three major sections: 1.Musculoskeletal Issues, which describe the major conditions, their problems and treatment. 2.Pilates Protocols,which is written from a Pilates teacher’s experiential point of view. 3. And finally, Movements and Exercises that illustrate what movements can help with the conditions.  $35.00
Historical Photos of Joe and ClaraHistorical Photos of Joe and Clara
Choose from two original photographs in Joseph H. Pilates studio.  $14.00

Body Arts and Science International

Pilates Wunda Chair DVDPilates Wunda Chair DVD
A double feature DVD with the Intermediate BASI Flow Series and the Advanced BASI Flow Series featuring Rael Isacowitz, live and uncut performing the advanced series.  $29.95

Pilates by Rael IsacowitzPilates by Rael Isacowitz
Starting with the foundation for all the exercises, Pilates presents an in-depth treatment of mat work, including photo illustrations and detailed breathing instruction to help you perform the movements correctly. A unique set of challenging exercise sequences allows the movements to flow in one continuous motion. Following mat work, where most books stop entirely, Pilates just gets going. The same depth of instruction and photo illustrations are applied to the full range of Pilates apparatus  $19.95

Other Ideas

PilatesStyle Magazine SubscriptionPilatesStyle Magazine Subscription is great for anyone that loves Pilates!
Every issue brings you balanced, accurate coverage of all things Pilates, from exclusive workouts from the world’s best instructors to tips for performing and teaching them to the latest innovations in apparatus and products.  $19.95-29.95

We PilatesWe Pilates
New Luxe Organic  Supima® Cotton  & Supima® cotton from we pilates clothing.  Brighten up the holidays with colors like Coco, Blue Iris and Raspberry Wine, perfect for gifts for the Pilates lover in your life or maybe just for you!  Best of all the Luxe collection is made with USA grown cotton and manufactured in the USA! There are some new designs like the inspire spiral, Pilates principles (the six principles of Pilates) and find your inner passion. This cozy collection will make you feel at home for the holidays.  $38.00-$44.00
Don’t forget to search for a local Pilates Studio to purchase private sessions or classes or a gift certificate to get someone you know moving with Pilates! There are so many options to help you give the healthy gift of Pilates. If you have more ideas that weren’t mentioned here, please let us know. Give the gift of health this holiday season!

By · Posted on November 13, 2008 · Topic Industry Insider, News

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