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Embrace your fears and you will be grateful!

Adam Corolla quote, “Find your Dancing with the Stars; embrace it and don’t run from it.”Much to my own dismay I am addicted to “Dancing with the Stars” the ABC reality show. I didn’t watch it for the first few seasons but got hooked when Emmitt Smith, the former Dallas Cowboy running back was on the show and became a contender for the coveted “Mirror ball” trophy. He won! It was awesome to watch him perform in an event that was totally out of his comfort zone. Ever since, I have faithfully watched (on DVR of course—who has two hours to sit in front of the TV?)

I watched the results show this week and one of the contestants, Adam Corolla, got me thinking. He was voted off (I guess it’s better to say that he didn’t garner enough votes to stay) and during his exit interview he looked directly at the camera and told the viewing audience what a fabulous experience the show had been for him and that he really had to face some fears to enter into it and compete. Then he said, to each and every person watching, “There’s something that is your “Dancing With the Stars”, embrace it, don’t run from it, do it!”

What a profound statement! It spoke to me directly because I had spent several minutes earlier that same day pondering a project with the full knowledge that it scares me to death. I still want to do it but I am fearful. I know I’m not alone; so many people fear change or the unknown and in this particular instance for me it’s the unknown that I dread. It’s no problem for me to stand in front of 30-50 people and teach an exercise class but to stand in front of a group and just talk about something, even though I’m completely comfortable with the subject and the material? It makes my stomach turn upside down just thinking about it!

But thanks to Adam, I’m a bit less fearful. I know I won’t be speaking in front of the millions that Adam Corolla danced before so I will follow his advice and embrace “my” Dancing with the Stars. Think about it for yourself; be open to the possibility of something wonderful, Adam was and he will forever be grateful.

By · Posted on April 10, 2008 · Topic News

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