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Does your Business Give Back?

Shapre Magazine’s Pilates for Pink CampaignIn our industry, there are many ways to give back to your community. Many times we want to become involved in our communities, but are unsure where to turn or which organization we should support. Your heart can steer you to help a special group in need. Groups needing help include single parents, children, animals, the homeless, abused women, the less fortunate or the elderly. Some online resources that can help you find a local charity are Volunteer Match and Charity Navigator.

In our business we can offer a gift of fitness and health that is great for helping charities raise money. People love fitness, especially Pilates, and would love to give to a charity and get fitness in return. We also have passionate people in our industry who are willing to give their time to benefit others. This works great together to plan a successful charity event.

Last year our Studio had a day that we called “Fitness for our Future”. It took several months to prepare, but it was worth the effort.  Throughout the day we held private sessions and classes.  All monies collected went to a local children’s charity. All the instructors volunteered their time and encouraged their clients, friends and family to train that day. The turnout was amazing and the event gave over $2,000 to the charity.

We also donate to our local children’s homes during the holidays. Usually they will give you a list of items they need. You can place a big box in your Studio with the list of items needed, which makes it easy for your clients to donate. You can also adopt a family through churches or a local family services center.

This year we are participating in Shape Magazine’s Pilates for Pink campaign. This is perfect for Studios that don’t know where to start to have a charity event. It is an easy way to get started giving back to your community because Shape has already done all the hard work for you. They give you all the forms, flyers and instructions to promote your Pilates for Pink classes.

Pilates for Pink is held in October and supports the initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You set aside classes where all the money goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Breast Cancer has affected most everyone in some way and is very close to most of our hearts. For more information on participating in Pilates for Pink email

It is not too early to begin planning an event for the fall. It will take several months to prepare yourself, the staff and the community to get support for your event. Please give us feedback regarding events that your Studio has done in the past. We would love to hear how you give back to your community.  Good luck!

By · Posted on June 25, 2008 · Topic Business

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One Response to “Does your Business Give Back?”

  1. Deb Preachuk on July 21st, 2009 11:04 am

    I am able to give back to my community through volunteerism. I believe it is an integral component to any success in business to give back to the local community. It’s a means of spreading the message and value of Pilates to people who may have never heard of the work, or perceive that they are not qualified to participate.

    Every other month I teach pilates based breathing and exercise to Minnesota Oncology Lung Cancer Survivors group. It’s truly a humbling experience to work with individuals who have had the very essence of life, their lungs traumatized, and teach them to breathe. It’s amazing to see how Pilates can reach accross so many physical boundaries and help people heal.

    I also volunteer my time at two middle schools in my community. I am able to be the PE teacher for the day, and introduce Matwork Pilates to over 250 seventh graders. This is so much fun! I’ve only had a postive experience with this. It’s very eye opening to see how kids are in need of mind/body exercise such as Pilates. In general, the overall fitness condition of 12 and 13 year olds is quite poor. Postures are already beginning to become compomised, and Pilates is not easy for them.

    If you’ve never considered giving back to your community in an altruistic way, I can’t encourage you enough to do so. Having done so for a few years, I believe that what you give with a free heart, will come back to you in abundance.

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