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We welcome and encourage contributors to Pilates Digest. An important part of the Pilates Digest Team is the contributions of the Pilates professionals. We are looking to build a professional team of contributors from all over to continually be a part of the growth of this online Pilates magazine.

Your experiences and expertise keep the Pilates community engaged and keep our site filled with informative content. If you enjoy writing and feel you have exciting ideas, we welcome you to share them with our community. Pilates Digest is a place for all of us to promote Pilates, our practice and to grow and learn from each other.

The topics we include on Pilates Digest include articles on Business, Instruction, Sport Specific, Health, Products and more. We welcome new ideas.

Email us your topic ideas and when you would like to submit your article. Once your information is approved, we will give you a timeline and request a high resolution headshot and bio to post with your article.

We post new and exciting articles weekly, so once you are on our schedule, we appreciate your commitment. Check out the professionals who are already contributing to our site. We look forward to hearing from you!

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