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Tasha Lawton Ok, who am I? Well, I’m a 33 year old everyday mum of two kids (5 and 3) with a passion for wellbeing and exercise just trying to create a balanced life. Along my road to discovery, I fell upon pilates roughly 9 years ago.

I will never forget the day I realized just how beneficial pilates is for pregnant women. I had been training a woman for her nine month term and at the end of a drug-free, 6 hour labour, she successfully managed to give birth naturally to a baby girl born posterior. Midwives believed pilates had made it possible to avoid intervention. That baby girl was my daughter.

I qualified as an instructor in both mat and studio exercises after fifteen hard months training with PICP (Pilates International) in Melbourne. My specialism was in ante and post-natal pilates and that led me to present on Australian national television for Pilates TV as their pregnancy expert. Since then, I’ve also appeared and demonstrated at national expos and on the radio.

Over the years of working with pregnant women, I realized that there weren’t any pilates for pregnancy dvd’s on the market that featured a pregnant instructor. So when I fell pregnant with my second child, I decided to make the most of my situation and filmed four separate trimester specific pilates workouts. These dvd’s are now available for sale on my website: www.pregalates.com

My broader pilates experience includes training professional athletes including an AFL footballer suffering from a condition that he was told would only be cured by surgery. Six weeks later, he was injury free with no operation necessary.

It is my dream to make pilates a regular part of every pregnant woman’s preparation for birth and their ongoing recovery. I want to promote its benefits to as wide an audience as possible.

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