Madeline Parrish


Madeline Parrish contributor writer for Pilates Digest Madeline Parrish is a PhysicalMind Institute certified mat and apparatus Pilates instructor. Other certifications include PMI Standing Pilates and Pilates for Golf Conditioning. She completed Dr. Greg Rose’s Advantage Golf MCFI certification and is a TPI Level 3 Fitness Instructor. In August 2006, Madeline opened her own Pilates studio in Richmond, Va. The fundamentals of Pilates focus on joint stability and mobility and combine well with the strength and conditioning programs of TPI. She is an enthusiastic student of the Alexander Technique and the Trager Approach and finds that work beneficial in working with her Golf clients on their Balance and Posture. She is a contributing writer to the website and was a speaker with Beth Begelman at the 2009 World Golf Fitness Summit. Their topic was "The Pelvis and Golf; Making Connections the Pilates Way".

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