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Kerrie Ann Frey Kerrie Ann Frey has been involved in the fitness industry nearly 10 years as a writer, presenter, trainer and program developer. She began dancing when she three and continued movement classes through her graduation from Marquette University with an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Communications. She earned her M.A. shortly thereafter and began a writing career.

As a freelance fitness writer, she entered sprint triathlons, half-marathons and marathons to stay in shape and to continue to find story ideas. When she found out she was expecting her first child, she decided to get certified as an American Council on Exercise personal trainer as part of her personal and professional development.

The rules of fitness change with pregnancy and without any specialty classes in the New Orleans area, she created one for pre- and post-natal women. Fit Mom USA has evolved into an innovative, informal exercise program for moms and their children. The program currently has four locations and is growing. Through Fit Mom, CLUB FIT KID was born as an after school program for children that emphasizes cardiovascular fitness, Pilates, and nutrition.

Kerrie Ann’s passion for fitness has grown to include a West Coast Pilates certification and a weight management specialization. She believes that happy, healthy moms will inspire happy, healthy children who want to exercise and live healthfully themselves. And only eat chicken nuggets once a month. Her fitness credentials include A.C.E. personal training, West Coast Pilates full apparatus training, NESTA Sport Yoga and Spinning®.

Most importantly, she is mom to Mae, Tucker and Charlie.

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