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Erin Douglass from we PilatesMaking bold calculated moves is what corporate sales expert turned entrepreneur, Erin Douglass, does best. With a passion for fashion and ten years experience as a Pilates & Yoga instructor under her belt, Douglass ignited a path that combined both passions. Thanks to a lot of discipline and an intense workout session with her own Pilates instructor, Douglass' vision to create a chic work-out line of clothing that is not only comfortable, but reflects natural style, came to fruition. Both women were inspired by a need for a perfect lifestyle line that could take them from their devoted practice to their errands around town. A result of Douglass’ own quest for the perfect line of clothing geared towards the conscientious lifestyle of the Pilates and yoga enthusiast, we pilates, remains conscientious of the three important factors – quality, price, and style. "I wanted to do something important and meaningful for our environment and economy,” shares Douglass. “Adding a single made-in-USA product helps me do my part to grow a socially responsible economy in the United States."

Her family background in clothing manufacturing accentuates Douglasss instinctive flare for design and contributes to her "real world" knowledge about how clothing is infused into our everyday lives. "It's about combining function with fashion," shares Douglass. Growing up surrounded by clothing samples fed her fascination with the designs that she saw at the trade shows that she attended with her father as a child. It was during these trips that Douglass received an early education on clothing design and it’s functionality as an integral part of our everyday lives.

Being a life long "clothing addict," enables Douglass to go beyond fashion to incorporate the perfect fit for daily lifestyles. When asked what inspired her to create we pilates, Douglass replies "Not being able to find any cute Pilates clothing for myself combined with being forced to purchase things that said Yoga stuff ignited my desire to think about the perfect line. I love fabrics and how you feel in certain items and I am obsessed with tee shirts that flatter and show off all of a woman's assets. It has always been a dream to do something that I am passionate about". Douglass attributes her success to "never giving up and remaining disciplined. Listening to feedback while still being true to myself has been invaluable in designing the line and keeps me motivated."

Geared toward upscale and fashion forward men and women, we pilates meets the growing demand for chic comfortable clothing line for a complete balance of mind and body.

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