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Beth Begelman, Co-Founder of Pilates DigestBeth Begelman has been working in the fitness industry for the last 10 years. Fitness and athletics have always been part of her life. Growing up in the Miami area, she was a competitive swimmer and water polo player. She was a high school All-American water polo player and she played on a women’s team that competed on a national level. After spending several years in the airline industry and in the corporate world, Beth began her fitness career as an aerobics instructor. She continued her career and interest by being trained and/or certified to teach yoga and Pilates; two mind-body disciplines in which she also enjoys participating. Always wanting to learn more, Beth pursued a career as a personal trainer because she enjoys working one-on-one with clients.

While doing personal training Beth met a client who aspired to be a professional golfer. She began research on golf-specific fitness training and found that while golf-specific trainers do exist, they are not easy to find; particularly ones who are qualified to do high level sport-specific training. Out of desire to learn more about golf-specific training and to provide clients with the best and most accurate information, Beth researched and found the most-desired certification in the golf fitness industry. Advantage Golf offers three levels of golf-specific fitness training. It was run by Dr. Greg Rose who is a co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute and is a notable figure on the Golf Channel’s Golf Fitness Academy.

Beth has obtained the highest level certification with Advantage Golf and is a Master Golf Fitness Instructor and she is a level 3 Golf Fitness Professional through the Titleist Performance Institute. She uses these qualification as well as her knowledge in Pilates and Yoga to train local golf enthusiasts and players preparing for professional golf careers. Beth is certified as a Pilates apparatus instructor with the PhysicalMind Institute; her mat training was completed with STOTT PILATES ®. Additionally she holds a certification with Mike Wright’s Golf Pilates as a Pilates for Golf trainer.

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